Those pristine beaches of Gokarna.

The sun, the sea, the sand and the wind catering just to you, just for you making this experience hand crafted for you, for you do deserve some pampering in this hectic life. Let nature invigorate you; let her show you peace and happiness. Let the greens of the swaying trees and the howl of the winds and the caress of the cold waves show you what you have been missing in your life. A slice of nature. Mother Nature.

#8 Handle with Care

I am familiar here. Lately I have been hooked onto caffeine and I can’t shrug it off. The waiter sees me and gives me a polite smile. I reciprocate the same. My tips haven’t been great but unlike others I am consistent in it and I guess that is appreciated by the people in the café. He brings me the menu and with it the seats are drawn back for Mike and Tango. I called them here and we needed to talk, so I took the liberty to order their favourite item from the menu. Of course I confirmed with them, otherwise I would have to stuff them in my puny stomach later on.