#27 The Rider in me.

Valleys and mountains and rivers and streams and trees and shrubs and flowers and flies and clouds and rain and sand and stones and seeds and fruits and gompas and stupas and churches and temples and kids and elders and mothers and fathers and drivers and riders and cars and bikes and trucks and buses and highs and lows and humps and gutters and turns and hairpins and ridges and cliffs are waiting for me just ahead.

#3 A Roady Affair

Eda I am feeling bored here. Let’s go out somewhere. Have any place in mind. I was thinking of going for a movie. It’s been a while since I went to a theatre. Naa. I don’t know. I just wanna feel the fresh air and all. Take your bike. Ok Bike rides with your girlfriend is something every guy looks forward to. Forget the brake and make scene. That is too old a number but admittedly one of the best ones. I feel the ride, or the journey with her behind me, hugging me tight through the corners and the traffic makes it special. And the talk, even though mostly inaudible makes you feel loved. So I start my bike, put on my jackets and get ready for the ride. She hops on behind me.