Time before existence….

Irrelevant questions, mind numbing answers, deluding conclusions forcing itself into rapid and tormenting contemplation; preserved lice from the ghastly head scratching while rummaging through the torrid landscape of the residence of the intellect, resulting in jolts of brilliance and empathy, reverently inking them into the vast white canvas of loneliness and commitment while believing and …

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#27 The Rider in me.

Valleys and mountains and rivers and streams and trees and shrubs and flowers and flies and clouds and rain and sand and stones and seeds and fruits and gompas and stupas and churches and temples and kids and elders and mothers and fathers and drivers and riders and cars and bikes and trucks and buses and highs and lows and humps and gutters and turns and hairpins and ridges and cliffs are waiting for me just ahead.

Offbeats: #1 Perspective

Sharpness and distinct lines define her face. The lines emanate from the tip of her ears to the better part of her cheek. And what follows next is an intricately carved out set of lines, curving in the smoothest of manners to the tip of her chin. Rounds, ovals or angels have never found an edge with me singularly but when they are mixed in the perfect proportion, I get her. It defines direction but with finesse and caress. And when she smiles, which is almost all the time, her chin comes to life and projects out, demanding all the attention towards it. Sharpness suddenly transforms into calmness and grace. And it can be visible from the edge of her lips to the end of her chin but its volume is dependent on the degree of her smile.