A quaint lil evening.

I had just finished giving my evening report. I went to have a cup of tea when all of a sudden I hear a bleating noise of agony. There was commotion among the people around me and they were rushing out from the canteen into the open. I couldn’t understand what was happening and sipping my tea quickly I too rushed out. I asked the first person I saw what the commotion was all about. He said a group of dogs had surrounded a goat and one of them had pounced on the goat and caught it by it’s neck. I went around the canteen to see the scene for myself but by that time few of the local workers who were working with us rushed to the field with a stick in hand and shouting loudly. On seeing him the dog left the goat and the pack ran away into the fields.

In my childhood, whenever one of our chickens used to disappear, my granny used to tell me it was the work of a sly fox. And so foxes were supposed to be mean and dangerous and deadly. I never saw one in my childhood. So when I heard that it wa sa pack of wild dogs that had attacked the goat I was surprised. And my colleagues were too. Mostly its the foxes that are responsible for this heinous act.

I felt I was transported back into the nineties. And my surroundings did play an active part in it. I work in the field and now as I sit here writing this on my mobile, I am surrounded by verdant green paddy fields. Various hues of green can be seen and they change according to the sunlight. They are fresh and crisp and probably oozing out their positive vibes onto me.

And if I lift my heads and gaze into the horizon I can see the setting sun, fiery in all its glory and set to shine light on people ready to wake up to a new day. The skies have started becoming dark from the east side and birds are flying away into their nests. Night is coming. Time to take a good rest and be ready for the next day.

Life suddenly seems simple. Life suddenly seems content and fulfilling. Life is good you know.

A lone star shines brightly in the dimming sky. Probably a planet. Two crows that have made a nest on our mast are back home. Lights are being turned on in houses and our workplace. Streetlights are yet to light up. Scooters are plying with their headlights on, people going back home from work. Back to warmth and comfort of your near and dear ones.

And now the sun has set. A day is coming to an end. The night is slowly enveloping the blue sky. A cool breeze starts blowing. Magical colors are being played by nature on the western horizon. My day is also slowly coming to an end. Only to start afresh tomorrow.

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