Notes from my Workplace. #2

Never be an Asshole.

And this is really important.

Consider a person who has worked all his life for a single company, coming up from the low levels in his youth to a prominent managerial position at the end of his career. The transition from an engineer/worker to a manager takes time and there are cases in which these managers may not have a management degree. And in some cases people who have one seem worse off.

Such a person has been through the arduous journey of the company itself, from its formative years to the present. He would have played a great role in the building of the foundations of this company, even if it’s a MNC and he is one among the thousands of employees. He has got his hands dirty, taken a hell lot of beating from his superiors and have done everything to stick to his company, its values and ethics and make a name and living for himself.

Now he is in a high managerial position. What should be his mode of operation and decorum? I’ll discuss one of them for today, the rest in subsequent entries.

He should have faith in his subordinates.

Just like how his superiors had on him. And even if they didn’t have, it should be upto him to bring about that change in the environment and inculcate this new culture in the future employees.

One of the things that requires him to do is not to bypass the existing heirarchy and interfere in the low level matters. You are a manager and you should just concern yourself with your immediate lower level for getting the work done. And always keep in mind that you too have come through all this and just because you have become a manager now doesn’t imply that you forget your roots and become this all new, all encompassing superior. That’s bullshit.

Honestly no one likes their super senior bosses to come down to their levels and advice them on how to do a work. This is so irritating, especially in a vertical management and most of the Indian Govt offices and PSUs function in this manner. Your job is to facilitate the proper functioning of your employees under you, not to stoop down to their levels. You have recruited them to do certain jobs and it takes time to learn it and implement it. And they have their seniors to teach them and guide them and their immediate bosses to report and get feedback from.

This act just degrades your image in front of them and portrays you as a pain in the ass kinda person. Please avoid this at any cost. It is expected of you to behave in a more professional and managerial manner and this just doesn’t come under it. Try to keep the pyramid structure intact and functioning. Designate work to your subordinates and let them decide how to distribute it among his subordinates and so forth. Your job after this is to follow it up from time to time and that’s it.

One thought on “Notes from my Workplace. #2

  1. Let me guess…Had a bad day at work or with your boss :p! By the way what a great opening line, infact that should be displayed in bold capital letters all across the globe, cause no surprises the world has many :D.


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