Notes from my Workplace. #1

I have been meaning to write something about my workplace. Mostly about how the work here moves and all the good and bad that happens. Let me start off this new series of writeups then.

I have been working for the past five years in a well paying job. The job is good, has its own challenges and is a field that if pursued with great interest, can lead to a promising and fulfilling career. It has its own lows and highs and there are days when you are stuffed neck deep in work and others when you are idle and would actually want something to work on.

I’ll start off this series with a few points on manpower management. I am not an MBA graduate to give an accurate detail of how things should be. This is what I have come to learn from my past years of experience. Over this period manpower was something that was always a question and the funny part is that it hasn’t been addressed completely yet. And that is something everyone should avoid.

One should always have an eye into the future regarding the growth of the company and the people they need to recruit as it grows. Recruiting in mass in some years and then having a long slump is a sure recipe for disaster. Especially a govt/ public sector company who have strict recruitment policies. What this does is it creates a wide gap between the old and new employees and a time will come when people will retire in mass and will leave a huge void in the upper management.

In our company this is clearly evident and it is a troubling thing. You have to work under people twice your age and listen to their whims and commands. They might not even be qualified as you are but still that’s what you have to bear.

And sometimes they work under you and that’s kind of sad. They are as old as your father and it’s always that image that comes into your mind whenever you want to instruct or command something to them. It’s an odd feeling. I don’t like it much.

A few points that I would like to suggest is:

  1. Have a vision into the future about how the company will grow and it’s status at different time periods.
  2. Recruit people accordingly into the positions that will open up as the company grows
  3. Be open to the idea of recruiting someone directly into some higher post, provided he has enough experience to back it up and is the ideal candidate for that particular role.
  4. Never let an age gap develop among the employees as you grow. It becomes easier to share knowledge and experience among people of nearly the same age group.
  5. Make sure you have designated employees for the designated posts. A vacancy should be immediately occupied by a suitable person and if possible such situations should be identified earlier on and planned for.

That’s all that is coming into my mind right now. More will follow in which I will discuss about the many aspects of worklife.

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