Black and white.

Maybe when you think that the closing of a door is the reason for the darkness in your life, cry first for the darkness can be hard. But then you will pick yourself up and you will strive to find some light in the darkness.

And it may not be much, maybe a small ray of light, like a punch hole in a cardboard. But you will seek it out.

And once you have figured it out, you will see that it is the keyhole to another door. A door that is yet to be opened. A door waiting for you to be pushed open.

Open it up. Dont wait for a bigger or better light to come. Not every light that you come across emanates from a bigger keyhole. Sometimes there might not be one.

Take the one you have. And see where it leads you. You have just seen a fraction of the light. Now open the damn door and fill your soul with its brightness. And see yourself transform into a light. A light that is lighting a keyhole to a door, a door for someone to open.

This my friend is a vicious cycle. Doors open and doors close. Candles burn and stars die out. Black and white will dance to a duet, sung by life itself. Dance to it my dear. Dance your hearts out.

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