Bartender by the sea.

I used to work at a Beach Resort, was the bartender by their beach-side bar. That was a really good job. I mean the view from the counter, the beautiful ladies in their sensuous swimwear blowing off their steam and drinking to their hearts content, the over drunk men with their senseless glorifying stories of money and power, newlywed couples making out and having a jovial time, I have seen them all. Their happiness and occasionally their sadness too. And apart from all these, all of them envied my job. Hell I too envied my job. It was perfect. I loved the sea and everyday I had a front row seat to its whims and mood.

But I lost the job. Now you may think it may be because of the booze that was available to me throughout the day. Yes I drink. I drink nice and hard and I am entitled to pour myself a glass or two of whisky. Just whisky. Or maybe a gin and tonic if the mood prevails. But nothing else. And I was also one of their best employees. The manager had great faith in me and really loved the way I worked. I knew how to keep my customers happy and give an ear to their loneliness.

That night, the night before I was fired from my job, everything was going smoothly and normal. It was a good day with good business and my shift was slowly coming to an end. As dusk approached and the sun went to sleep, I looked at the sea and found it shimmering silver, glowing in such mysterious beauty. On gazing up into the sky, I saw the Moon at large; huge I must say, making its presence felt. It might have been a super moon, I don’t know. I don’t check the papers and even if I do, it’s the sports page that I go through.

The night had warmth of its own, which was kinda unusual on a December night. I went back to my counter and started settling the books for the day as my shift was ending.  And this is when she walked in to my bar and sat in and ordered a glass of whisky, neat. I lifted my gaze to see where this beautiful voice came from and was awestruck to see a pure glowing face of beauty. She was glowing like the moon and she was the most beautiful person I have ever seen in my life. Her skin was white and radiated a warmth from it; she wore a white lacey dress that hung loose to her body, her features clearly visible, her curves perfectly toned, and her chivalry hanging through that dress.

I stared at her for a couple of minutes and then she stared at me for a couple of minutes and she again repeated her order. I apologized and got around to making her drink. God I couldn’t take my eyes of her. I gave her drink and said a Hi. She replied to it and then went about drinking her whisky. I so wanted to strike a conversation with her but somehow she seemed disinterested. While I was busy being enraptured in her beauty, she ordered her second round. If I am correct it just took her only five minutes to gulp down her drink. I was more in awe of her now and I went about making her second drink. There were no one else in the bar, people might have gone into the beach or maybe the night was just beginning. I seriously lost hold of time. The sea had suddenly become rough and the waves were really strong and fierce, being loud and making its presence felt.

It took me a while but I couldn’t control myself and I poured myself a drink. I gulped it down nice and hard and then I went onto my second one. This was not the usual me but something had got into me. I needed to strike a conversation with this beauty. And all I remember at that point of time was that I had lost track of the number of drinks she had had. Two bottles had become empty and the third one will soon finish. I poured myself drink after drink and somewhere along this I became high, like real high and this triggered something in me and before I knew it, I was conversing with this beauty.

Her voice was deep and melodious and had a rhythm to it. My ears were having the utmost eargasm listening to her talk. And when she started talking, it was all her. She took on the reins and went about her stories, of her countless year above the sky and how she wished for days like this to come often so that she can come and unwind herself. She did talk about her job, I don’t remember what it was exactly but it was really tough. Day in and day out she had to work, with fortnightly holidays. All through this my eyes were glued to her beauty and I think time stood still.

I ran out of whisky, she felt sad when I said this but she didn’t mind switching over to rum or brandy or vodka. And I guess this is just what I wanted to hear, I switched over to brandy and by this time I had stopped drinking. I was getting high on her and that was enough for me.

Did time fly by or did it stop, I have no clue. Cause I felt like I had spent an eternity with her, listening to her tales. By this time her hand was in my hand and they were soft as silk. I fiddled around with them, caressing them and occasionally tickling them to which she would let out a wide smile. And slowly we came closer to each other, I could feel her warmth more and more and it was soothing and lovely. My hands had started caressing her pure face, pure because it was smooth as still water and her features were like a cut marble figure. She took her hands to rub my chin and cheeks and used her fingernails to draw through my forehead and nose. And slowly she rose towards me and kissed me on my lips.

Here I lost myself. I lost myself in an abyss, a deep chasm of light and beauty. I was flying around happily in this chasm and it was freedom and liberation I could feel everywhere. The kiss lasted maybe a full minute, I don’t know cause I had lost track of time. And she took her face back and passed on her glass to me. I topped it off with whatever was lying next to me. She took it and savored it and looked into my eyes and began with another story of her. I didn’t say anything at all and I was quite happy with that, happy to listen to her, her chuckles and laughter and her voice modulation. And to this the rough sea was adding a flavor of his own. It was like this perfect background music you can expect while weaving a tale.

This went on for a while. She again passed on her glass to me. I topped it off again. She took a sip of it and said it was water. I said sorry and was about to go get another bottle when she took hold of my hand and pulled me close to her. She looked me in the eye, pressed her finger on my lips and said something like this.

Never mind my dear. You have been great today. I am thankful for this. Let me show you the world that I have seen over the ages.

And she slid her one hand inside my shirt, ruffled through my hair with the other and in one sweet motion she pulled me towards her and kissed me long and hard.

Endlessness is what I felt. Endlessness and eternity. I floated through all the eons and epochs and saw creation and destruction. I saw life sprout from the tiniest objects and saw the burning sun sending out its flares through the cosmos. Stars were lying scattered in a black carpet and occasionally a brush stroke would appear and leave a trail of brightness and chillness in this gigantic canvas. I saw colors dance to the whims of the almighty and felt a need for speed like never before. I was flung from one stretch of the land to the other and yet I was present there simultaneously. I gyrated endlessly from my axis and knew I had a darkness in me that I had kept hidden from all.

The next day when I opened my heavy dreamy eyes, I saw the raged figure of my manager standing beside me. I lazily got up and found myself in the bar only, just outside my bar counter. And beside him, the hotel manager and staff were standing. They all looked cross to me. I wished them good morning. My manager too wished me good morning and said I was fired with effect immediately. I was shocked and dumbstruck. Before I could say anything the manager walked away and two security personnel came and asked me to come with them. I got angry and shouted as to why I was being fired to which I received no reply and only found the strong hands of the security pushing me away.

I looked back to my bar counter, hoping to find an answer there. And I couldn’t believe what I saw. I didn’t know what to think or what to do. I stared right onto my bar counter, the place I had worked for like two years now and bid my farewell to it. And while I was being taken out, I tried to remember the night’s events but this is all that I could recollect. But it was a night I would never forget and I keep no remorse of it. I had felt something ethereal that I still can’t fathom but whatever it was, it was one hell of a time.

Oh and yeah I do remember her name. It was Luna.

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