The Crux

At times, when the sun slips into the beauty of dusk and paves a path for the queen of the night to follow with her million followers, desire awakens.

As the smell of roasted lives, dried and crushed and grounded for the soothing fulfillment of the rich that can indulge in these profusely mingle with the strong characteristic smell of their relative, one that too has seen hatred and torture, which finally culminates into a fine, long article of stature and gimmick, the evening has just started.

Calls for their kith and kin echoes in the slowly dying sky and all those who can answer will gather and return to their homes, to their loved ones, to their tiny little kids. The day is coming to an end, the night upon us but still we are raw and unfinished. More polishing and refinement is in order to understand the nuances of the great cosmos and the purpose of life and its contribution to the grand scheme of things.

So the master made the most powerful being to look into this. And all he does is he repeats the process. The night soon fades, the path coming to an end for the queen and her faithful, dawn breaks, black turns into blue and then the fire of the sun burns over the canvas and lights the sky. A new day begins.

Oh its a vicious cycle they say. A never ending cycle of love and hate, happiness and sadness, growth and slump, knowledge and ignorance. Some say a day will come when all this will end, a day of fulfillment, when the last bird flies into his nest and shares the last piece of the puzzle with his folks, the great cosmos will be revealed and all be one, a singular entity, weaving itself into the fabric of existence.

But that would mean the purpose of the most powerful being has been fulfilled. And if that is the case, then he would cease to exist, his list checked off, his duty to his master completed.

And so I ask you oh reader, what would you do? Would you look forward to this day or would you do everything in you power to delay the advent of your end? Fulfillment or existence? Ultimate freedom or perennial slavery? Vanilla or chocolate? Yin or Yang? You or her? Us or them?

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