Changing Times

In this zipped up

Fast paced tech savvy

McDee’s with extra cheese

Hashtags invoking gratifying likes,


Backpacks and rucksacks

Metros and Ubers

Fatty French fries

Tags and comments


A chaotic uprising

Of the millennials

Drags the nineties

Through the ratrace.


I will stand still

And walk my walk

And sip my tea

And eat my rice.


I maybe be different

Cold, dark and naïve

Numb feelings for others

Just phasing my life.


But reasons do exist

For my distinct upbringing

From different societies around

Mixing my grainy textures.


I can’t change from this

I must not, they say

And some say I should

Everyone has a loud mouth.


So I’ll remain like this

I love it like this

As this is my identity

My character and my attitude.


My roots are firm and strong

Deep under they hold me tight

To all those that made me

Holding the tree to grow tall.


And in this new generation

I am sure I’ll survive

I have made my stand

And it’s a firm one.


I’ll bask in the

Warmth of the sun

The ecstasy and clarity

Of the full moon


I’ll sway to the easterly winds

And tickle to the naughty raindrops

Shiver to the cold sweet snow

Pray when the lightning strikes the darkness.


And amongst all these

I’ll enjoy the caress

Of the floating beauties

Ones you call butterflies.




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