The Ship

A 9 to 6 job, car to drive around with the AC in full swing on hot and dusty days, a bike or scooter to zip around through the crowded cities of joy and sorrow. A television to entertain you when you feel bored, a laptop to stream the latest movies and TV series and binge watch them during the holidays. And then you have your mobile phone, the world in your fingertips, brought to you by the most important thing in your life: internet. There is a real you and then there is a virtual you. Both can be entirely different, one may be dark in complexion, short, timid, shy while the other can be fair, tall, bold and engaging. Which one among these is the true self has become a question of self discovery.

Multiple personalities were something we saw in the movies and heard of in newspapers and in crime reports, but now it has taken over the world. People now have many faces, covered under intricately carved masks, their true self sinking deep into the recess of the mask. And then at times these faces revolt and they bark against their very creation, their existence and make a fuss of it. Like what I am doing now. I know that after this I will surely go back to checking my feed in Instagram and dolling out those likes of instant gratification. I will be checking my whatsapp feed to see what people are taking, who is bitching about whom and when the next one is getting married or falling for someone. Cheap talk. And in between I may have an intellectual talk too, something that makes sense and something that feeds the soul, and this makes me wonder if all this is for the bad or is there some good still left in some corner of this. And that will prompt me to pick up my pen and write something, write to liberate that feeling of being jailed in one’s own thoughts, of having so much to say but little to talk.

And it is this. The human spirit is a roaring sea. It is vast and calm and fierce and deep and full of mystery. And we are ships that are travelling in this sea. At the crack of dawn you will be able to see a clear and beautiful sunrise, the sun striking its magic and calling out to nature to set the wheels rolling for another day. Birds will respond to this call and so will the fishes that reside in this deep sea. And the colors of the sky will change from red to blue to depict the motion of time. The sea welcomes you to churn its waters and set forth to your destination. But one thing about the sea is that it is never predictable. Those clear skies that you saw can be dark, grey and angry at the blink of an eye.  What was once a calm and quiet sea has suddenly become intimidating and loud. Waves as big as the mast of your ship will come crashing down on, drenching you in the saltiness of the sea. It will toss you here and there and make you run for the ropes and the wheel; your ship should not go out of control. Your faith and abilities will be put to a test here and you will have to prove yourself to none other than you.

And once you have done that, the sea becomes easy for you. Those huge waves and salty water are a part of you now. You are able to brave them with such confidence that the sea will find it no point to challenge you. And so it will be harsh and brutal the next time and you will fare this too. That is what humans are. And the human spirit is what conditions it. It is one of the most powerful tools we have and it is the reason for where we are now.

And once you have mastered it, you will find peace everywhere. Peace and tranquility. And then if you observe closely, you will see that the sea, the human spirit was actually contained in a bottle. A moment of doubt will creep in you; you would ask if all this was a futile effort, if you were being messed around in a bottle of water, everything an illusion that took place on a grand scale.

Actually no. You are the human spirit. You are one with it. It is within you. You are a single entity. And it was all designed for you to figure this out. That it is not the sea that is the biggest challenge. It is what lies beyond it, what lies beyond the glass bottle. You were being taught to be strong and confident to venture out into the unknown, to a world beyond all confines, for here is where you will find the purpose of your life. Here is where you will find ultimate peace and nirvana. And happiness.

IMG_20170718_081121 (2).jpg

Set free those birds

Onto the clear sky

Let them fly away

And steer your bow

To their delicate flutter

And follow them out

To the world beyond

For you are meant to.

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