We are like

Sea and Sky

Blue in color

Calm and clear

Serene and feisty

Ever present entities.


We explore humanity

With the Sun

Moon and Stars

The wind cajoling

Our deep love

For each other.


Our moods sway

We turn mad

Strong and Wild

Lashing our fury

On each other

With love ofcourse.


Our love truly

Wakes concern among

Old deities, Gods,

Nature and Universe

And so fate

Spoke up loud


On the horizon

You will entwine

Together and forever.

We rejoice happily

Future prospect clearer

Showered with blessings.


So we searched

For the horizon

That never came

Each step taken

Slowly echoing the

Distance between us.


Slowly it dawned

That the curse

Was horizon itself

Only a mirage

Where we met

Fleetingly in time.


I lapped waves

She her thunders

Stretched our hands

Only to discover

The mind numbing

Distance between us.



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