On Negativity

I have been hit by a wave of thoughts recently and they were hinging on to the negative side. Now when I look at it from a different perspective, I was really under the spell of negativity and it is a really bad time my dear friends. So I this blog post I will try to tell you what negativity is and why you should try to avoid it at all cost.

It all starts with the small things, things that are said or experienced which at that point of time barely catch your attention. They somehow are like viruses. They slowly take control of their host and feed on them. And then when the time is ripe, they start multiplying in huge numbers. This is what is happening to you when you are going through negativity. And what is the catalyst to all these process, time. Time being idle. It’s rightly said an idle brain is a devils playground. So when you are idle and aren’t occupied with anything productive or creative, you will slowly start thinking about stuff, stuff you have heard in your previous days. And out of nowhere your brain will catch onto these small stuffs like a magnet attracts iron particles. They are more interested in the small iron pieces than the big ones.

So now you start thinking about them. Well you can no problem in that. We need to introspect on our lives, our past to a certain extent. This will actually help in building you. But what happens here you start to over think about things, things that are very minute and suddenly before you know it, the magnet is full of these iron pieces and has become big in size now. And because we being the adamant creatures that we are, we refuse to see it as a problem with ourselves and we easily and naturally charge the blame on the stuff. And this manifests and grows and before we know a small silly thing has become a problem now and it is eating away on you. Your positivity takes a back seat and you don’t know what to do. You feel helpless and slowly start to succumb to it. This is bad and this is what negativity does to you.

Why should you avoid it all costs? Because these can seriously hurt relationships and friendships and cultures. These trifle matters should not be allowed to sprout and grow big. They can reach dizzying proportions and leave you devastated before you start realizing the damage it has cost on you and your near and dear ones.

So what can you do to avoid it? Well first and foremost never keep your brain idle. Not when you are at the peak of your adolescence, teenage and bachelor life, cause well the marriage phase will present you with enough challenges to keep you occupied with it. So at this age, the age of love and relationships, of friendships and travelling and acquaintances and virtual lives, never keep your mind idle. Be engaged with something, anything. Find a hobby or maybe you can kindle that passion you buried deep inside you when you were growing up. Go back to roots. Pick up a book and start reading. Pick up that pen and start writing, maybe even do a little bit of calligraphy, draw, sketch, paint, doodle. So something creative and productive. Go out and explore your city, town or the countryside. Make a playlist and listen to it, refresh it with new additions every week, listen to multiple genres, listen to according to your mood. Watch movies, think about them, review it, talk about it with your friends, have real long meaningful conversations. Prevention is better than cure.

And if you feel you are having this crisis, then maybe you should talk about it to someone, your nearest and closest friends, your brother or sister or even your parents. Talk, don’t text or whatsapp. They can’t express your emotions. And be ready to accept the fact that you were being negative. You were overlooking and overemphasizing things. And finally take a deep breath, let go of those thoughts, calm your mind down and feel yourself. Reach deep inside and forgive yourself being such an ass, give that head of you’re a good smack and get yourself back in track. There is nothing important that yourself. It’s not easy that you can remove it in one go, it will remain for a while and it might take some time. Let it. Give it its own time, but make sure you are making every effort to weed it out from the system. And there will be a tendency for it to creep back in but as I said, keep yourself engaged. Don’t let it grow back up; nip it off when it is young.

To one of my best friend who was there to take my call at 11 in the night and hear my banter for an hour, thank you dear. I really appreciate it dear. Thanks for giving that much needed smack on my head that I couldn’t do for the last couple of days.  As you said, love what you love to do and do it for that sake, not for anyone.

And I will end this with a quote I found on the internet, a place that can feed as well as weed your negativity.

Next time when negativity from the past comes knocking, be too busy living life to answer the door.

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