“My dear child. Your job is done here. You have faithfully assisted them in times of need and have provided the best transportation method to the warriors. We are eternally grateful to you. And now it’s time you took your own path and explore the world. I know the times you assisted us, your hardly had time to enjoy the beauty and warmth this world has to offer. So you go now and enjoy them. Bask amidst the tallest waterfalls, the scorching cold tip of the Everest, the raging winds and waves of the ocean. Experience them and be contended. “

“Thank you master. It has been a pleasure working for you. Pass my regards to the warriors too.”

“Yes I will. Now I suggest you go find a person who is willing to travel the world with you, someone who has dreams of flying high and enjoying the view from up there, someone who can see them in front of his eyes even though they are closed. Find a dreamer my child. He will surely be your best companion.”

“Ok master. As you say so.”





If you think of doing something stupid when you are feeling low or bored in life, then please you are a dumbass jerk. You think this life you have is something you can take for granted. No man, never. You only tend to compare with the higher strata of society, always looking to the top, to the heaves, to the highest point in life. No problem in doing that, but then if you start to make assumptions and compare with this then that can result in agony and misery. Look down too sometimes. Look into those filthy gutters brooding all kinds of slime and filth and yet life has found a way to survive and has successfully grown and adapted.  Look at the lower strata and see how they are way behind you in everything, where for them you will be somewhere in the highest point. It’s all perspective. Look around too. You will find people with the same problems, the same issues and lives.

And in between don’t forget to dream. Dream of anything and everything. Dream of flying in the clouds, seeing everything under it and marveling at the creation that has been presented to us. Appreciate Mother Nature and the wondrous work she has done over the millennia to carve a beautiful world for us to live and dream in. our dreams are influenced by the immediate surroundings we are subjected to. Our senses are kinda like inputs for our dreams, they tell things that are there and tangible and with that reference, our minds make up the intangible stuff in our dreams and thereby completing the world.

I would love to soar above the clouds, dream in it and see the world in a new light.

If anyone is out there and hearing this, oh hear my plea. Take me with you oh might cloud. Let’s go on an adventure. I have much more to dream and I need inspiration. Let’s travel together to the land of dreams.

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