Being Alive

  Anyone who has experienced what I am gonna talk about now would agree with me that it would have been a beautiful phase of life. Something which, when they look back in their life would always bring a spark in their eyes and happiness would be blushing out from their smiling faces.

   So what is this beautiful phase of life? This is the answer I gave to two of my good friends last year when they saw me talking to someone over the phone late into the night. The talks were filled with laughter and curious banter and this made them corner me one day and ask the question. I had this conversation with a dear friend of mine yesterday night and somehow our talk led to this topic and we both agreed onto it. And this is what he had to say about this beautiful phase of life.

   It is that phase of life in which one would get up at six in the morning to go and play cricket with your friends, come back and do your morning chores and hurry off to work, spend the day working, return in the evening, go for a jog in the park, wash and clean and some TV, eat dinner at ten and get hooked onto that someone special for hours, sometimes till three in the morning. And when you wake up at six in the morning the next day you feel no tiredness or lack of sleep. Instead you are looking forward to the day. You are happy and there is calmness in your life. You feel more productive at work and take everything with the right attitude. There is serenity in you. You can feel it. It is as if you have never felt more alive.

   This is that beautiful phase of life my dear friends. A phase in which you know there is someone out there who cares and feels for you. A time in which a slight delay in replying to her call would result in a worrying tone the next time you talk. You feel lively every moment and you tend to live your life to the fullest, taking every day as it comes and looking forward to the next day with eagerness.

   Lucky are the ones who have had a long beautiful phase. This would have been the time when even though your work would have given you a splitting headache, you would open your eyes to a new day with a smile in your face. Those who haven’t experienced this are unlucky in way. So they might have this fear about the fickle nature of this phase. Oh yes it is fickle! And yes it will sting you when this phase comes to an end. But hey, at least you got to experience it for some time na. you were more alive than ever. That is something to cherish and hold onto in our small and fragile lives.

   Maybe Alive by Pearl Jam is in a way the perfect song to sum up this experience. Yes I am down and hurt but I am still alive. Alive and growing. Evolving……

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