Home by a tree

    Consider a tree. Isn’t it a marvellous creation? When I say tree, I specifically imply all those big, tall, strong trees that have lived on for more than a hundred years and seen the rise and fall of many a human being.

    Their sheer size, strong branches branching off in an orderly fashion, leaves that are born and die every year, the unique smell of the bark, those grandiose roots that shatter the foundations of earth and make their presence felt: all these are so fascinating. This makes me want to build a home, a small cabin would suffice somewhere in the woods, with the tree of course being a part of my cabin and live with it. I would even place by bed close to the tree so that maybe I can hug it at times.

    Now that I have built my cabin, I can watch the life and times of the tree as it welcomes the seasons year after year. Spring, summer, autumn, winters and the rains, as they arrive with their charm makes the tree revolve it worlds around these entities. It would definitely be a visual treaty, the changing colors of the leaves, their falling and the rustle of the branches against the autumn wind, all can be felt and appreciated at close.

    A squirrel might find it interesting to make a home on the tree and he may occasionally slide down the tree to nibble on the little bits of food that I have kept for him in my room. Maybe I would wake up in the morning listening to the squeaks and chitter of the squirrel instead of the cockatoo of a rooster. That would be really wonderful. And the squirrel and I can become friends over time and maybe he might one day come with some walnuts that he picked in the woods and share it with me as a token of our friendship. I would eagerly add them to my bowl of breakfast cereal.

    And there should be a window facing the eastern sun. Every morning as I open my dreamy eyes, they should be enlightened by the infant sunlight making its way through the thicket of the woods and making all those dust particles dance with glory to its warmth. The chirruping of the birds coupled with the quacks of geese and storks should reverberate through the woods.

    For the geese and the storks to be present there should be a lake or a pond nearby. Doesn’t all these sound familiar to Henry David Thoreau’s book Walden? Gosh!

P.S. You could say I might have been inspired by the book to write a tale on it. Maybe that’s true. It’s a lovely book. The initial chapter is a bit big and can be boring at times but trust the book and keep on reading. The magic will start soon and you will be transported right into the heart of Walden. And every time you lift up the book to read it, you will picture yourself in that cabin and you wouldn’t be reading the book, you would be living it. That’s the magic of a good book.

This never started as an ode to Walden but somewhere down the line it became one. And that’s awesome.

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