A new found love….

Last weekend I went for a trek in Palakkad. It was a trek to see Dhoni waterfalls which was situated near to Malampuzha. The rains were the lowest last year and the state was slowly getting drought hit. The probability to see the waterfall in all its fury was very low, to see some water falling off the rocky landscape would have been a bonus they said. Well there was water indeed and yes we were happy to see it. The original trekking route consisted of scaling the hill adjacent to this waterfall and coming off the other side of the hill. These were restricted areas and we had nearly obtained the permission to go forward with our trek when last week a forest fire broke out. This prompted the authorities to deny us permission and we were left with no choice to tread back our path.

It was a good trek. I made some new friends and met some people who love to trek and explore the wilderness and camp in it. They were married people who did all these with their family. It was nice to hear their stories and experiences and to know that age hadn’t made them sink into a monotonous lifestyle. They were up for adventure and new experiences.

I had my camera as usual and this time I decided to try something different. I was really happy to see the wild trees and the jungle around me. They were all withered and waiting for spring to come. The landscape was printed yellow and orange and brown. Surely autumn was lingering around here even though it was way past winter. Used to seeing the greener during the monsoon seasons, I was left with awe for this new wilderness.

I decided to click these pictures in monochrome. The jungle painted in black and white. The bright hot sun throwing in a white, clear and bright background to which these trees cast their black and dark shadows. The results were really pretty. Black and white. Two colors. Together they weaved their magic and showed me how subtle nature can be.











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