The Curse

When you have finished typing that mail and go through it once again and check its recipient and then click the send button, you have just invited a curse into yourself. The curse of the eager reply.

This is a bad curse. It’s not applicable all the time. Especially not with official mails and stuff. It’s with the personal mails that this curse comes into play. And it’s really bad.

So the curse is this. You are thrown into this deep pit of expectation. Okay. And as you know expectations are a real trouble. So here you are in this pit, the opening way up above you, a small tinge of light falling through it. But this light is not sufficient enough to show you the depth of the pit. Its pitch black inside. Fear grips you slowly. Not the usual fear of failure or of the dark or of evil and bad things. The fear of commitment between you and the recipient. And as you look for ways to navigate out of this pit, your hand rubs against something hard and round. You feel it and find that it is a rope. Eagerly you search near to it and find that another piece of rope is also lying next to it. They are both suspended from the top. And then you start to feel in the space between ropes. Your hand comes across a small wooden plank. More fiddling around the plank and you find it to be rung onto the ropes. It’s actually a ladder made of rope. You get all excited and take a deep breath and take your fest step.

Comfort and happiness is short lived in this curse. You now start to ascend the ladder but the darkness is real and intimidating. You can’t see anything and have no clue of how long the ladder is. You keep on climbing and climbing. The faint light has no change. You are expecting it to come closer to you but alas it isn’t. The curse.

And then you start hearing voices in the darkness. Voices of your past, your present and your future. Voices that you have heard in your dreams, in your phone calls and in your chats over a cup of coffee. The voices have the uncanny resemblance of your recipient. It’s soothing at times, but at times, it gets all twisted and muddled and there is a suppressed laughter in it. It is faint but if you listen for it, it magnifies itself and this is very scary.

You are afraid now, afraid of what will happen to the commitment, the friendship/relationship you have. At a point you will question your intention in writing that mail. You are in doubt. This is bad and sad. And with this heavy feeling you still climb the ladder for that is what you have to do. There is no other option. You have closed your eyes as they are pretty useless now and you open them from time to time to see if you are anywhere near the top.

And just like that, somewhere down the line you open your eyes to find it hurting by the blinding light falling from above. The opening is just above you now. A few more steps and that’s it. You are free of the curse. But was that the curse? This whole experience? For I will tell you what is going to happen next. You have experienced this curse or a part of it and you don’t want the other person to experience it. So you type in the reply fast and then you send it.

And guess what. You plunge again into that darkness, the deep haunting pit. And the cycle repeats. This dear is the curse. A never ending iteration. Be careful of this.

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