Strangeness is a cat.

Mom called out to me from the kitchen saying I need to hurry up and buy fish from the market before the game started. She had used my interest against me, an ISL match was to be played and showed in TV and she knew I would be sitting in front of it when it starts.
And so I took my scooter and rushed off to the market to buy some fish. Even though it was only quarter to seven, night had cozily settled in, winter was coming. The traffic though incredibly had not decreased. Cars were vrooming around in hurry to reach hone and spend time with family or friends. People were out doing shopping for the coming weekend. I went to the market and found my usual shop and ordered the fish. One type for us, one for the cat. Actually the fish for the cat was the priority. He had come to our home in the morning, crying and knocking on the doors at five in the morning, awakening me in the process and coming in for his morning snack. That meal finished off his reserves of fish and we had to get more.
So I got the fish and came back home. He had already come in the evening after my mom came and had eaten the leftovers of the day. But he cried for fish, that was evident and that’s why I was rushed to buy some. I came through the lift and maybe that’s why he didn’t smell me or my approach with all those fish. But after a while my mom just called out to him from the kitchen and told that there was fish for him. Immediately a cry was heard somewhere below. We are on the fourth floor and he mostly nowadays lives down in the gardens and surroundings. He just comes home to fill his tummy and make love to mom and be cuddled by her.
Within few minutes he was knocking on the door and we let him in. He immediately rushed to the kitchen to mom and cried, “Where is my fish”. Mom asked him to wait a bit and returned to the fridge to take the fish out. His tail was sky high and the tail is fluffy like a pillow which makes it look awesome. And then he followed her to the kitchen and began munching down the fish.
Oh boy, he might have eaten a lot cause after that he just came and laid flat on his tummy on the floor, resting his chin on the ground and purring away slowly, basking on a full tummy and enjoying the cold of the floor. Mom called him once more and he went to the kitchen to finish off what was left. He left just now and maybe he’ll return tomorrow morning.

Awww look at that love.

Strange cat eh. You should see the way he plays with my mom. Such an awesome sight. And his fur is still so fluffy and soft. That’s our cat. Love him.

P.S. I didn’t have any idea of writing today but someone was feeling bored and asked me if I had not written anything today as I was sitting idly at home. So this is for you. I know you love cats so I based this blog on it.

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