Changing times and then there is me.

Did you think that was it from me? That after the October challenge I would slump back to being the old me? Lazy and way too nonchalant to write my blogs? Guess you are wrong. I was just reeling back from the month long writing process you know and introspecting on what to write next. Plus went to a beach and watched movies and lazed around but never gave up on writing again. So soon.
I have been thinking lately about things you know. Things of the heart. I don’t like doing it but somehow I find myself doing it. And at times the thinking take me ahead 10 or 20 years into the future. What would our conversation be like then. Would we still love each other and live the life we always dreamt of at this point of time. Maybe there will be small small hovering cameras around me, that will make me see her and record my antics at my work place and live feed it to her wherever she is. Not a impossible thing to imagine up considering he way technology is developing exponentially on a daily basis and making our lives more virtual than physical.
Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 is the book I finished off lately and I found the book very compelling and bitter. I could sympathize with Montag over the course of time. He was a simple guy like me, who wanted the best for his family and yet was curious and knew something was not right with how the world was functioning. His curiosity almost got him killed but that also freed him from the shackles that held him to a body of lies and deception. It opened his eyes and made him see what the world wanted and how it had become a hell to live in. My wanderer in me felt joyous when Montag found his way through the river into the forest to discover people like him waiting for a chance to rebuild the society in a simple and humble manner.
OK so this post is somehow turning into. Book review and that’s not what I want. I just wanted to say one thing and I was just trying to build up the scene to it, mustering up courage to pen the thoughts down. It’s not a thought really. Its what I really want to say. And its this simple:


In a world of emails and hashtags and follow ons, where instagram and facebook has become a place to make friends and experiences, where travelling and wandering has become a part of life and is slowly being made into a consumerist propaganda, where likes and comments on the wall and the occasional flashing of those emoticons on your feed has become a source of gratification and self sustenance, I would like to say that I would love to try things the old way. When mellow letters were sent and received with the excitement of the wait, where a phone call in our landline was a joyous moment and where meeting and greeting was done more often with solidarity and interest. I am old fashioned and a simple guy and definitely not a mentalist. I can’t read your mind and even if I could I would never try to. I can’t even sort out my mind and the desires of my heart. So keeping all this mind, I would feel privileged if you could speak freely and openly with me. I’ll try to do that from my part but I urge you to do the same too. At no point in time should you feel that you should have spoken about it to me, for I know how it feels and its not good.
Let’s be simple and straightforward. A rarity to come across in these times but we can try our best to implement it among ourselves. Give it a shot. Rest will be seen as it comes.


Whoa. That went well. Finally

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