Just another end.

Today is the 31st of October. The last day of this month. The last day of my challenge. Feels like the month flew past quickly. I remember sitting in front of my laptop on the 30th of September and thinking of writing the post for the next day. It was then I actually wrote a post citing the rules of the challenge and all. Not much actually, just that you can’t write beforehand and then post it for the next day. Also any extra post written on a day can be posted that day also but won’t be counted as the next days one. Basically I forced myself to write each days post on that day itself. Turned out to be a really nice experiment.
So because of this I had to write at various places at various times, manage my schedule and write it so that I can post it successfully. I know I failed to post once and one day it was the Gokarna post I posted which was a work spread over a few days. So if we ignore these two post then this is my 29th post for the month. That’s a good number for a lazy bum like me.
I wrote while relaxing in a resort facing a beautiful waterfall and precarious hills. I wrote while waiting for my trains in the railway station, waiting to catch the bus in the bus stands. I wrote while relaxing on the beach, on hectic days early in the morning so that it doesn’t interfere with the rest of my day. I had to find out the time to write during odd days and also write while I was sick and tired to move. I wrote what I meant to write, what was going on in my mind. I started to write in my mobile and then post them from there itself. Its a bit difficult to write for long in a mobile so some of the posts that seem to be small are basically written in it. In dire circumstances when I couldn’t get my hands on a laptop.
This is my last post of the series. Its a throwback to the way things panned out this month. I have learnt quite a lot of things by taking up this challenge, appreciated by some awesome friends on some of the posts I have written. I also found out that there are people who are reading these also. Some friends who like to read and give their inputs on the thought put forward in my blog.
The most important thing I have learnt is that you always have time. You are never out of time, never, and if someone says so then they don’t know how to use it. We all are gifted with 24 hours a day, 60 minutes an hour and 60 seconds a minute. That’s a huge number really. We just have to prioritize our work and make time for it. That’s it. Pretty simple to say but very difficult to implement. No impossible but will require effort and dedication. To lead a successful life, one must prioritize their stuff for one can’t solve every problem and move on. Some stuff should be let out and should make way for the really important ones that need your attention. This almost applies to all fields, friends, relations, work, leisure, family, etc. Priorities. We are made up of them and we have to find a way for it.
I hope to keep this streak going forward, keep writing my hearts out and give my readers something to think and laugh about. To all those who keep reading my jargons, thanks a lot. Keep reading. I need people like you to motivate me. Push me. Keep doing it. And for those who might read me in the future, I would like to say this is how I write.
Welcome to my canvas of words.

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