Looking back a decade.

Recently I had a talk with my friend about the pace of evolution of technology, mainly mobile technology and the impact it has had in our lives in a decade. We lived with Edge in our mobiles way back in 2006 and now we are in the 4G era. Technology has exploded exponentially.
So our talk went on for a while as to how things have changes and sometimes how we have this urge to go back to that time and enjoy it once again. A simple but true statement is that ten years ago life was simpler. How is that you may ask for now we almost have anything and everything at our fingertips. Well life was simpler in the sense it didn’t involve all the complications that has arisen with the ascension of technology and mobile in our daily life. Back then we used mobiles for calling people. Now we hardly do that. I mean the purpose has changed. Yes we communicate but it’s mostly through messages and all.
Another thing to be noted it that not all had access to mobile or sophisticated technology back then. It was costly and only a few could afford it. But now the prices have really come and people from any strata can have a piece of it. It has also helped them to develop themselves using this technology. So how was life simpler back then? These examples might just throw light into what I meant by it.
Back then when communication was through mobiles and landlines, one would be so happy to receive a call from his friend. More happy if it is your girlfriend or best friend for then you have to talk for a long while which will be objected by your parents and then you decide to call in the night. The plans to sneak out when your parents are asleep and talk in a hushed manner was so interesting and adventurous.
Consider to case of organizing get together or a small reunion of friends. One would take the initiative and contact theri friends and tell them of the date and place of meeting. This would normally be eye to eye or through the phone and that’s it. A single reminder of the event. And on the day of the meet up, at least 80% of the group will be present without fail and would have good fun and make memories. Now, a group will be formed in whatsapp, people will debate on the dates and time, the venue, the things to eat, what to eat and where from and what not. It would be a solid plan you know, maybe down to the minutest detail. But as the date approaches one can see people backing out of the event citing various reasons. And in the end few people attend it and have fun and make memories.
My friend on hearing this shared his thought which he said he had heard somewhere recently. Back then we used to hate sending letters and mails and loved receiving emails from friends and relatives. Now we hate sending and receiving emails and would love to receive a letter. Strange times.
By simpler times I was referring to a time when things worked out well and ran fine without being so much dependent on technology. It was evident that a time would come when we would become its slave but I think it has come a lot earlier. And I feel somewhere down in my heart that it could have taken a little more time. We are more involved in our virtual lives than in our physical and natural life. There is always a mobile in our pockets which we can’t keep our hands off, earphones to ignore dumb conversations and cheap camera to click each and every minute of our hectic lives. We lead dual lives, contrasting in all aspects from the real us. A life covered by masks and pretensions.
I want to go back in time. To those beautiful simple days. Maybe a bit more further you know. Into the nineties and eighties. They were raw and fresh. I want to experience that. Do you?

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