A Diwali night

I am tipsy. Yes I am. Had two pegs of brandy. That is what my senior had with him although there were couple of beers left in the cupboard for my taking. But I thought I will go with the common flow. So I took the brandy. Morpheus XO brandy. The winged god of dreams. My favourite character, immortalised by Neil Gaiman. Everytime the bottle surfaces up I think of Sandman only. Of how he has influenced my life and made me a dreamer of dreams and thoughts.
Its diwali here. In the south they celebrate it today, one day prior to what they celebrate in the north of India. As I came today for the shift my colleague asked me why is it so. I didn’t know and had never given the thought for the previous three years I celebrated here in my rig. In Kerala, we don’t have much of a celebration. We light some lamps and blast some crackers. That’s its. Sweets are also distributed and wishes are spread near and far. That’s it there. But here in Tamil Nadu its celebrated with much pomp and vigour. More like how they celebrate it in the north. Lots of crackers, sweets, celebrations and happiness.
So I asked one of my senior colleagues and a good friend as to why it is so. So when he got the opportunity to call his friend, he put this question. And the answer he received was that it depends upon the way the calendars are seen. Here in the south, they say they look at the lunar calendar and in the north it is the solar calendar. Also here in the south there is a tradition to celebrate your birthday and other auspicious occasions looking at the lunar calendar. I have my friends who celebrated their birthdays depending in the star time they were born. So this varies with the Gregorian calendar we follow. Strange thing only.
So I think that is a valid reason for why it is celebrated a day before. Choti diwali becomes the bada diwali in the south. Whatever it is, we all celebrate it with much happiness and peace and share the love we have for our ourselves and our brothers.
Am I tipsy? Sort of. Yeah. But I can still write. I can still think and print them on a paper. Yes I can. My thoughts are clear and whole. And we celebrated diwali here with much fun and all, lighting crackers and fireworks and having fun wishing we other well. Its time I had my dinner. Its late I know but I was waiting for my colleagues to finish their rounds.
Happy diwali folks. May the light you light as lamps, carry it forward into your life and bring happiness and prosperity.

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