Sharing passive happiness.

Haha. It’s a jovial atmosphere when the sun sets in a beach. People come here to enjoy the last moments of the day taking a bath in the sea and enjoying the cool blue water. I too like to get in it and have my part of fun, bathing wildly and having fun with friends. But at times I also do like to sit back in the warm evening sand and enjoy the scene before me. And I must tell you its such an awesome way to pass away time.
You see this batch of college students, early in their prime, free and careless. They are here to enjoy. At the sight of the sea, they drop out their pants, remove their shirts and show their lean or belly bodies and with a cry of ‘juranamo’ head into the water like 5 year old kids. One follow the other and there is full on laughter and pulling one others legs, throwing sand at each other, teaming up and throwing your friends into the water with a thud. Oh! Madness prevails and as a casual watcher it reminds me of my time with my friends. Now you will see a friend among them who will have a DSLR strapped onto his neck. He is the chief photographer and he will ask you to pose and take your clicks. Every trick in the book is taken in front of the camera, to get that one pic that will gather more than a hundred likes in FB and attract comments of jealousy and desire towards your life.
Back in my teens we hardly had a decent mobile to take good photos let alone DSLR or normal cameras. Our bags had only our spare clothes and a towel to dry us. And we just flung it into the sand and hit the waters. Nobody to frame those pics, nobody to pose for, happily storing away those memories in our minds.
The latest trend is the increasing number of foreigners in our beaches. There was a time when spotting a foreigner on a beach was a feat of achievement. It was the crowning moment of the trip and we would talk about them for a while. Actually the tolerance to that attitude has increased and I think they have more freedom now than before. That’s my personal opinion okay. I don’t know what the scene was 20 years back in the beaches of goa and gokarna or kovalam. Anyways these foreigners might be into yoga and all and they would be performing it in the warm sand. Its a nice thing to watch. Someone embracing our culture and values and learning them and implementing them, requires some appreciation. It becomes prettier when they try to do a headstand, one of the most difficult poses to master. When they do it successfully for a while and get up you should see their faces. It will be glowing red. Their fair skin accentuates the unique redness due to a sudden increase in blood flow to the head. A different scene.
Then there are the kids. Small kids. 3 – 5 year old ones. Who are so happy to see the water and the waves and the sand. They are filled with laughter and awesomeness and are so cute to watch. Before they get wet, their parents remove their clothes and send them naked onto the waves. The only time when nudity is remarked as being cute and childish and awesome.
Then you get to see a young couple in love,having their own private talks and moments sitting at a distance, far away from the crowd of the beach. They will find the most secluded place and embrace it in their warmth. Unlike me, they hardly care what is happening in their surroundings. They want some time alone and as long as it is provided to them they are happy and peaceful.
Then you find families and aunties and uncles who are happy to sit aside and see their siblings play. Some of them go ahead and take a small dip in the beach that then turns into a plunge and before they know it they are young and wild again.
Every time you go to the beach, the beach has a different vibe right. Similar is the scenario here too. You will find different groups and people in the beach, all with their own attitude and method of enjoying happiness. Someone once asked me whether its the sea or the mountains that I crave for. I have lived in the hills for a while as a kid and then on the coast as I grew up. Its a tough question you know. But from my upbringings and the place I have lived and love, I am a sea person. And I respect the sea.

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