An addiction to well chorused words.

I have this crazy habit of buying lots of books at a go nowadays. It’s been some three years since it started and I have been a steady victim of it over the years. But since it is books that I am buying, I don’t care much because books are always a treasure and since I love reading, I know I will read them at one point of time or other.

It all started after I got my job and was back at home after undergoing my training and stuff. I was feeling bored so I decided to go and take a membership at the public library. It took some time to implement it and at those times whenever I wanted to read something, I used to pick up a book at random from my friends home. He had a small good collection and he used to buy them online from time to time.

This prompted me to get online and search for books, and so I started visiting Flipkart and Amazon over the times and see which all books were available and discounts being offered on. Then there was the issue of shipping charges and your order had to be above Rs. 500 to qualify for free shipping. This made me select more books and add them to fulfill the criterion and when one more book was added to the cart, some other book at a discounted rate attracted me and hence that too got added on to the cart.

One of the earliest books that I bought online was George Orwell’s Animal Farm. I read this book when I was back in Dehra Dun for my training and had made me an instant fan of Orwell. I really wanted this book to add to my collection. Oh I forgot to tell. All those browsing in the net and all made me wanna have a book collection of my own, my own small library that will be displayed in the home we were building.

From there it started like wildfire and I now enough books to keep me occupied for a year. Yes there are plenty of unread books, begging me to be read but this also confuses me as to which book to pick next. Now I am staying in Kottayam and there is a public library here and I wanted to take a membership there. I enquired about it and got all the details and stuff but it has been months since I am deliberating over whether to take it or not. Because I have so much to read here at my own home, how can I go and read from there when I can’t finish what I have.

I think I will wait for a while before taking a membership. And recently I started buying comics too. Comics that I have already read as an eBook. Then why you may ask. Simply just for the sake of collecting it, to have a hard copy of it. And the main attraction among it is the Sandman series by Neil Gaiman. I am a huge fan of his fantasy works and consider his Sandman comics to be one of the best comics to be ever written. I also bought a couple of his books too and that too needs to be read. As of now I am reading Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. An interesting book so far. I know it’s well acclaimed and has recently awesome responses. Waiting to finish it and bask in its warmth.

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