This is what I usually see when I go for a spin into the town. These are the things that attract my eyes and lead them for a while. And I take all care to follow them with grace and respect.

One minute into the road and taking the uphill leading to the main road, I spot this shy short girl with a square spectacle on her eyes and a sweet smile. I guessed she was shy seeing her sweet innocent smile as she was texting to someone in her phone. Her hair was long and smooth and was tied down on a ponytail and she wore a pink churidar and matching bottoms. She was fair and beautiful but her shortness had a special charm to it. No she wasn’t fat or chunky, just normal figured with a little wide base. She came in my frame for a few minutes only and so this is what I could make of her.

Entering the main road, I decided to take a short cut only to find myself in a traffic jam right in middle of it. It will take time. And luckily there was this tall and lanky girl riding a scooter just to my left and ahead of me. She wore a white top with blue jeans and flat sandals and had short cut hair. She didn’t sport those big round earrings which I thought she might have seeing her modern big multi colored bangles made of plastic which are a trend among girls. Strange choice there. Her figure was slim and well maintained and I could get small glimpses of her face only as she turned back occasionally to talk to her friend who was her pillion. Add to that she was also wearing a helmet. All I could see was she had a long sharp face and had a small golden nose ring. This was the main attraction. Her eyes were dark but I couldn’t see them properly. I got some space ahead of me to maneuver my bike and while I tried to do it, the traffic cleared and off she went on a different road, leaving me in a state of incompleteness. I could have followed her but this is how these things happen and it’s better if you leave it to be.

Next girl to capture my attention was the lady attendee standing in the medical store. She was short and had a nice plumpness to her which made her look distinct among the others. She wore no jewelry and this actually accentuated her beauty is some form. I don’t know but she commanded attraction from her and I was happy to give it. She wore a simple churidar, a white one with small floral designs in it. Her face was sharp and chubby, eyes dark and looking beautiful in her face. Her nose was just right and all in all she looked pretty. And I think she wasn’t wearing any makeup in her face except for the mascara which was also pretty less compared to what normal women put. She was hurrying around the counters and sadly she didn’t attend to me. So I had to admire her for the time my medicines were being taken. She was this simple country girl we all dream of you know, the kind girl whom your mom will surely love if you bring her home one day and say that she is the one. She would e welcomed with a warm heart for sure. Simplicity had a beauty to it. My medicines came and it was time I left. She was someone who would come into my attention from time to time as I passed near to the shop or came for the medicines. I just hope she would be there to woo me away.

Yes I was bird watching as they say among the teenagers and college goers. But I kept a soft eye to it. I was admiring the beauty around me that is always pleasing to the eye. I kept my distance and appreciated the beauty and warmth around without causing any harm to anyone or making them uncomfortable in any way. There are plenty of ways to enjoy it and I decided to take a soft and gentle approach. I like it that way. That’s my style you know. A simple and humble appreciator of the beauty bestowed by God in us.

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