A little bit of love here and there.

Yesterday I didn’t write my daily blog post so I guess I have taken a step back in this challenge. It was just because of lack of planning because I had managed to write my daily blogs even when I was chilling in Wayanad, spending time in Kozhikode or was travelling. Yesterday I didn’t plan properly. And it’s on me. I could have taken time out to write it in the morning after waking up because that was the only time available for me. The schedule was known and time will be wasted for sure. And I had to travel to Kochi to attend the midnight cycling in fort Kochi. So the opportunity was in the morning only and I failed to write it.

But I guess good things do come out of little failures and all. A friend of mine asked me why I hadn’t written my blog yesterday and it was then I realized I actually missed it. But the question itself was heartwarming you know. At least there was someone who was reading them and was concerned when the routine changed. These are like the little pleasure in life. When someone acknowledges you for something, shares a loving thanks, refers to you in high regard. These are those precious little gems, that are hardly bigger than grains in your hands but sometimes they are brighter than the best diamonds.

And what should I write about today? Hmmm. Maybe I’ll write about the different perspectives of human lives, mainly my life you know. I can formulate from the experiences I have had only and it cannot be generalized. It’s unique and custom made for me and the least I do is infer some common things that are universal in nature.

One thing I care about is the small pleasures in life. Those occasional small pleasures that life throws at you. Sometimes they outweigh everything else you know. They take this mantle of happiness and joy that overbears my heart and I am delighted at it. And they happen at the least expected of times. Maybe that’s why they are special. They life you up when you least expect to and take you to cloud nine and back.

And if you can be the reason for being someone’s small pleasure then please do try to. They actually won’t cost you anything, just your time and your effort. At least these you can afford na. Because it’s not the gifts you gift, the surprise parties you throw that fall into this category. It’s that little pat at the back and the congratulatory note that you give that count, the considerate call and enquiry into your status when you are lying sick in your bed, the praise for your skill in front of the public, etc that are the little pleasures in life.

The funny thing and this is actually true if you sit back to observe it, is that you mostly do these without your consciousness. It comes straight out of the heart and is loaded with love and respect for the receiver. Maybe that’s why they easily become so meaningful to the person. My mom say smile at people whenever you can. Give a nice bright smile. Cheer them up. It doesn’t cost you a penny. So smile when you can.

Similarly try to be benevolent and considerate and appreciative whenever you can. Be good to others and show your support and whatever way you can. Be the reason to be someone else’s sunshine. Goodnight folks.

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