A fairy tale.

I had too many files to clear today and as such the clock had struck two a few minutes back when I entered my home. The door was not bolted as she knew I would be late and had asked her to not wait for me. I had my dinner from the office, a sandwich and a bottle of beer. The boss didn’t know I secretly keep a stash of beer in my drawer for shitty times like these.

Locking the door, I hit my bedroom upstairs. It was a cold and dark night with the stars shining brightly and in vast numbers. Nowadays I rarely looked up to the sky. My stargazing days were slowly waning away. It was pitch dark in the room, the curtains were drawn tight and the night lamp off. She liked total darkness which I might have inculcated in her. Sleep came fast and naturally in the absence of light for me and she too made it a habit.

Fiddling for the bedpost, I tripped on her slippers and knocked down something onto the floor. It fell with a low thud. She shuffled herself in her bed. I moved the curtain a bit for some light to enter. And the light from the distant street lamp hit her face.

A face I loved and dreamed of many years ago. Soft, radiant and cute with hardly any signs of age. A strong chin pointing majestically away from her vivid, well defined lines. Her face glowed with the radiance of pearls in the moonlit nights. Her eyes were dark as charcoal and once ignited the fire burning in them would throw a surreal expression of love and lust onto its seeker. They were beautifully crafted in the perfect sea of white and they poured into you inquisitively from time to time, asking questions with at most care of the present and the future.

Her nose was well balanced and had this curved end which was unique and different among the girls I have ever seen. It seemed as if it had a voice of its own and could drown anyone in it. From a side angle, the nose curved to point to those luscious red lips that have been my weakness from time unknown. They curved gently when she smiled, opened royally when she laughed, meeked slowly when she felt sad. It hid her beautiful set of tooth that was equally attractive and well crafted.

Her hair was that of the angels, glowing jet black hair growing to the depths of the earth and back. They were soft and silky and had special warmth to it and my hands would slide through them effortlessly while making love. It was straight and perfect and would balance her proportions and compliment her in any dress she wore. I found her attractive when she kept them plain and open, with the wind blowing it into my face every time I followed her in the park.

I stood and watched her face glow in the streetlight. There was still that old radiant glow to it that had enthralled and captured me and made me its victim. She was a beauty and age couldn’t defy her, in fact she grew more beautiful as the days passed. Her posture assumed a charm and grace that none could conjure. She walked with the air and majesty of a princess and was turning out into a benevolent queen now.

She is all I have. My love. And here she lies in her bed, sleeping away the night, looking beautiful and gorgeous as ever. I get onto the bed after closing the curtain, and pray to God to keep her as she is forever. I don’t know what will become of me if I were to part from her and so I secretly also pray to take me before her into his arms when the time comes. She is my soul and I would be nothing without her.

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