The tube. YouTube.

Can you imagine a world without YouTube? Yes you can. Just go back in time, some 15 years back and tadaa.

Ok that was a wrong question. Can you imagine a world in the future without YouTube? Yes. Something better might come up in the future, one with virtual 3d technology and all in which the viewer can view the content from any angle.

Ok ok. What I meant to ask was can you imagine a world now or somewhere in the very near future or past without YouTube and its impact on the internet mass. Hmmm. No. YouTube has become a part of the society now and without it and its counterparts, the whole video streaming service will be lost and this would be a big blow to the internet.

There you go. Just what I wanted to hear.

The thing with YouTube is that you can watch any video at any time, any place, and any number of times. And you can upload your videos too and share them in social platforms and let the world watch them. I take to it to go through the previous night football highlights that I missed, music videos that are offbeat and are difficult to come across in the normal television. Videos that inspire you, videos of the forgotten past, old melodies and movies too. One can also find documentaries, experiments and even the unboxing videos of mobile phones. One can find anything and everything in YouTube nowadays.

Wanna be a cook but don’t even know how to cut your vegetables. Don’t worry, stream any of the video channels offering complete walkthrough to making mouth watering delights and get started. Want to take the first step in becoming a guitarist? Take a quick lesson from the numerous online classes that are offered by many musicians across the globe.

You have the guide to learning and experiencing anything here and it’s all free. Yes you will have to sit through some ads but it is a small price to pay for the content you access. Today I was feeling a bit down and wanted something to uplift me. I remembered seeing a video sometime ago about a guy playing a piano at the Paris railway station where he was joined by another guy and they improvised at the moment and made such awesome mind blowing music. I was left spellbound the first time I saw it and it really uplifted me, at that time it restored my faith in humanity. Today also when I saw it again, a big broad smile was left in my face and I was happy. It’s so good to see people come together and make good music, strangers perhaps, and making people around them happy and jubilant.

There is so much to see and hear in it and we won’t be able to see a fraction of it in our lifetime. The enormous content that is being uploaded each second won’t be visible to all and only the best and worthy content creep up the fame and views ladder and catch the attention. But keep a check on the data that is being consumed in the process. If you are having an unlimited plan, then all’s fine but if not so, then filter out the content and the quality in which you would like to see it. These videos are addictive and before you know it, you will be skipping from one video to the other.

So keep your calm and stream on.

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