A long standing affair.

I have this affair with my bed you know. I love it so much that I can spend my days and nights with it for the rest of my life. Today I reached home at five in the morning and since it was a route I was not accustomed to travelling, I didn’t have a sound sleep and kept getting up at times to see which station the train had reached in. this is normal only. Next time when I travel, this problem might not creep in. and if I have a friend travelling with me, then I will get a sound sleep. I don’t know why it happens like this but I think it is a psychological thing.

So I reached home and cuddled up in the sofa. I knew I would not a good sleep here too because the sofa was small and no matter how much I shrivel, I couldn’t fit myself in it and thus had to resort to putting my legs out of the sofa. This became uncomfortable and I just took rest you could say. I waited for my mom to get up so that I can go and sleep in her room. So I waited for this. But before she woke up, our cat came and knocked at the door and started crying. This woke me up and I opened the door for it and it came in and went straight to my mom’s room and started crying in front of it. She woke up hearing this and it was nearly time too.

As she went to do her chores in the kitchen I made for her room and cozied myself up in the bed. Ah this was bliss. I was sleepy and the day was still cool and made me decrease the speed of the fan. And I threw the bed sheet upon myself and dozed off to sleep. It came quick and before I knew it I was fast asleep. I had kept two alarms to wake me up but it just saw me switching them off when they blared and again fell asleep.

Mom was leaving for her office at nine and she woke me up to see her off and then bolt the door. She instructed something at that time but I completely forgot them. I was half asleep. After she left, I again hit the bed and then mad e love with my bed.

My bed doesn’t complain you know. She doesn’t ask anything from me. Whenever I fell like cuddling her, I go and cuddle her and she treats me well. We have this awesome relationship you know. And whenever I get up, I tidy her up, make her sheets and fold them up. She loves it. And she gives me the best sleep. So coziness and warmth and the dreams. Oh boy. Such sweet dreams.

I woke for breakfast and then read a book, browsed the internet, talked with my friends and when it was lunch time, I ate my food and then the only thought was to hit my bed again. But something caught my mind and I was engaged in it for a while before I went to my bed. It was three by then and the same things repeated themselves. I kept alarms and then saw them being turned off and then took to lying down again.

I really love my bed. Such sweet memories we share. Cheers to my bed.

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