The tiny foodie in me…..

What do you do when you are in Kozhikode and have a day to spend here? You try to hit the best hotels here to satiate your taste buds and have some amazing food. Basically you try to become a foodie while in Kozhikode. I tried to be one and this is how it went about.

We reached Kozhikode yesterday evening and we went to my friend’s home who was also part of the Wayanad trip. Took a bath, had tea and talked with aunty for a while and then we just drove out to have dinner. I told him not to drive all the way to the city or someplace far just to have food for we were tired from the trip. So he drove us to Bypass Thattukada near the bypass. Here we ate awesome Pathiri with Kaada (quail) fry and Beef ularthiyathu. It was damn tasty and we slowly pushed ourselves to eat the lot. The hot lime tea was a good accompaniment and this helped us to ease down the spicy tasty food. A slow drive back and off we dashed to the bed.

Morning saw us hitting the road early at eight thirty, as we had to drop a kid at her school. Aunty gave us a light breakfast and tea but we decided to explore a hotel for breakfast. So we drove all the way to the beach road to check out Aalibhai’s Dosapedia. But it was closed. So we headed to the famous Bombay hotel nearby. Here we had some nice Velleyappam with chicken curry. The chicken curry was prepared in the same style as our moms do at home. A simple curry with the proper spices. The only problem was that we were two and it consisted of one huge piece. So we had to dig and battle out the chicken between us. On entering my eyes fell on the Pazhampori (banana fritters) they were showcased in a glass enclosure and I had ordered them also. They were marvelous and the joy of eating them in the morning itself was so pleasing. It was helped with a hot glass of tea and our breakfast scenes were done.

Lunch was a conundrum initially. I could not make up my mind as to where we should eat. The famous Chicken biriyani of Paragon hotel or the succulent Beef biriyani of Rahmath hotel. I was thinking of trying them both but I guess that was not possible. In the end we decided to go to Rahmath.

A bumpy ride through the by lanes and some confusion as to where to park our car, we finally were in the hotel. And it was jam-packed. Full house. Somehow the waiter managed to get us two seats and we looked around for the menu, which saw us order a plate of their famous Beef biriyani and a Beef roast biriyani that my friend wanted to taste.

They arrived and I lost no time digging into it. Oh boy. Wasn’t it delicious! The beef dear friends, was so soft and succulent, it was melting in the mouth. I could easily tear it off and stuff it and savor it with such ease. And the rice was cooked beautifully with the right amount of masala. The biriyani might not have been prepared in the usual layer-by-layer method as the masala was mostly mixed with the rice itself.

I then tasted beef roast biriyani also and this too was amazing. The beef was fried after cooking and it had acquired certain crunchiness along with the tenderness and juiciness. It was a delight. But we found it hard to complete the food. Seriously. Two of us couldn’t even complete two biriyanis. We ordered a glass of mint lime each and gulped it down for some cold relief. Taking our time, we slowly got up to leave only to find that I had mobility problems. My stomach was so full that I was finding it difficult to walk or stand. I just wanted someone to carry me to my car, throw me into the back seat and take me home where I would sleep off the heaviness in my stomach. It was an awesome heavy lunch and one of the best beef biriyanis I have ever tasted in my life.

So three meals, three restaurants, three awesome experiences. I need to come back to experience the remaining lot but for that I will exercise caution before I dig in.

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