That thing they call Society….

Society is so weird you know. One moment you think you have grasped it and understood how it function and the next time you find yourself to be so wrong. Such strange and crazy is the state of our society.

In a developed society, which has a strong literacy rate and a solid foundation is expected to also be advanced and open-minded and in par with the other societies of the world. But sometimes it is surprising to find this same society functioning shamefully worse than a native tribal society. At times you feel like going out to those tribal societies for they have more culture and attitude when it comes to some matters.

I have been a victim at times of this strange society. You find that people are more concerned about the society and what it stands for than what your own kith and kin are standing up for. Suddenly questions like what will the society think, what will others think take up a prominent position among these people.

These have made me to believe the saying that an idle brain is a devils workshop. In such a well-educated society, the seeds of ugliness are mostly sowed by people who are jobless or who are engaged in the least productive of all activities. People who are engaged with work rarely have any time to sit back and discuss these kinds of matter and contemplate on them for hours. They are living a fast paced life, juggling between work and home life, balancing them and these trivial matters are of least importance to them. Whatever time they get are spent with the family or with quality friends. They will be exposed to these elements in one way or the other but they take time to think about them independently and if they find their views mismatching with the ones they heard, they take a stand to not get involved and try to distance themselves from the matter. In a way, they are avoiding a matter that needs consideration but they are doing this because they know it would be futile to argue with the people who are trying to propagate it.

These people are mainly arrogant and stick to their views. Open mindedness is not something they are comfortable with and they tend to stick to their roots. Sticking to ones roots is good, in fact one should not forget them but one should know where to extend your roots so as to seek the best amount of water to nourish yourselves. Blind faith in ideologies that have been created centuries back should be stopped and questioned. Times are changing. So are the people. Lives are becoming fast. And hectic. Time is flying by quickly and people have to adapt to it. And new formulas and interpretations should be found out and implemented in the ever-evolving society.

This is not easy and cannot be enacted in a short period of time. It can however be implemented through small stages. And the first thing is to realize and know that it all begins with you. You and your family. Charity begins at home right. So one should try to evolve himself and then his family before he even thinks of taking on the daunting task of changing the society. It is a collective effort and everyone should strive to take part in it.

A society that is free from prejudices, social implications, freedom of speech and thought and action is a society that can withstand the testing times ahead. Try to travel and experience other societies and learn how they react to certain norms. Try to imbibe the good one can from the various experiences one has had. Travelling is a good way of opening your narrow minds. Find new people, new roads, new customs and see how it all makes the society a better place to live in. After all we are all from the same species and it is our collective responsibility to save us from ourselves. For we are humans and to err is human.

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