Thamarassery Churam

My train reached Kozhikode early in the morning at five and had to spend some time for my friend to arrive from his home. We were to meet at the KSRTC bus stand, which was a mile away from the station. It was breaking dawn and I had time and decided to walk the distance.

It was an awesome walk. The route I chose led me to the end of S M street, ‘Muttai theruvu’ as they call it in Malayalam which means street of sweets. From here I walked to Palayam junction and then took the road that led through Mananchira Ground to IG road. The roads were calm and quiet with the city slowly walking up to a lazy Sunday. People were going about their morning jogs and walks and were taking the day lightly. I saw the TBS building in which as a kid I used to come to buy books and stationary. Mananchira ground was silent and serene with the only activity taking place in it was at the basketball ball were two people were taking shots.

The KSRTC bus stand was also renovated and made awesome. It felt like a proper bus stand and I my friend joined me here and we took a bus to Wayanad. This is an awesome route to drive or travel in. there are many towns lining the way till you reach the famous Thamarassery churam. I have my relatives staying in Adivaram, the town below the start of the ascent and they had invited me to their come and have a stay and all but maybe I will keep that for some other time.

Now the bus started the climb. Slowly and steadily we were gaining altitude. The air was getting cooler and the wind chillier. This was tempting me to doze up but I kept up the fight for a while but then lost out to it. I woke up when we were taking the first hairpin bend. There were eight more to follow. These hairpins were a real brash ones and the honking of the vehicles grew loud here. The buses found it difficult here but the drivers having tamed this route knew just how to navigate them.

The scene below was getting deeper and deeper. The valley was gaining importance and there were lots of monkeys lined up on the sidelines to divert our attraction. There were some places were amazing views of the valley below could been seen and they were busy with tourists. The bus took the ninth hairpin and chugged out for few more miles. At some places the road was not so curvy but we were gaining altitude all the while. The winding road could be seen below and this gave a dramatic effect to the whole climbing experience.

And before we knew it, our bus was welcomed to Wayanad district by a huge board and this saw the end of the curvy path. We had scaled Thamarassery churam at a good pace. The air was cold and pleasing here. And now we basked in the scenic beauty of Wayanad.

Now I am sitting in a picturesque resort somewhere near to Kanthanpara waterfalls and we have a majestic view of one of the stages of the Soochipara waterfalls, one which is not visible to the tourists visiting it. It’s at a great distance from we are but it has brought the landscape such beauty and magnanimity. Also the Soochipara or the needle shaped rock can be clearly seen from here, shining off one of its faces to the setting sun. We have an impending view of the valley below also through which the Kanthanpara waterfalls drains. Maybe we will visit that in the morning tomorrow. But for now I am happy to sit here and relax to this visual treat. The sound of the falls can be heard till here and it is thunderous and raw in nature.

A good place to unwind. Music please.

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