Saturday Night Football

Half the month has passed by and I barely knew it. Somehow writing daily has become something of a chore now and I try to think what to write about and plan when to write it so that I don’t miss the time to do other things. So this post is being written in the half time period of a football game. Arsenal vs. Swansea. At half time it stands 2-1.

I am a Gunner or as they pun it, a Gooner for the past 12 years. That’s a long time. It all started when my neighbour used to come to watch football in our home during the weekends. He was elder to me by three years and his parents didn’t allow him to watch football when they were at home. So he used to rush to my home and used to watch the games. And he was a Gunner. And so I too started watching football with him.

Oh boy! That was the time of the invincibles. Arsenal at its best. One of the best lineups the club has had for years. And such flamboyant playing style. And some world class players. I call recall the squad now also.

Lehmann, Campbell, Toure, Lauren, Ashley Cole, Viera, Gilberto Silva, Ljungberg, Pires, Bergkamp, Henry.

This was class. And I grew up watching them play. Soon I became an ardent fan of Thierry Henry and loved the genius of Dennis Bergkamp. They were such a great pair. One feeding the other, who will be there to slot it home. The 49 unbeaten streak came at that time and I was turning into a Gunner.

The big five at that time were Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Newcastle. Such were the times. The game has evolved over the times. We failed to win any major silverware for a long period of nine years but this didn’t deter me from supporting my team. As they say, once a Gooner, always a Gooner.

Now as I watch the ongoing game, I wonder when we will life the Premier League. It’s been ages and its high time now. The team Arsene Wenger has now is a great team, with quality players and a fighting spirit. Wenger has completed 20 years in charge of this club and I think this would be a perfect year to reciprocate the dedication and effort he has put into making this team what it is now by winning the league.

The match has restarted and I must head back to my seat to watch the remaining game. Another 45 minutes of fun, uncertainty and quality football. See ya soon then.

Wait wait wait. Oh fuck. What a ball by Sanchez and what a goal by Ozil. A thumping finish into the top of the net. A looping ball over the defense into the box with Ozil making the run. The goalkeeper decided to come out but was in two minds and before he knew it Ozil was all over it and Kaboom. Brilliant by Sanchez and thunderous by Ozil. Go gunners.

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