The unsung one….

Dear laptop,

Today as I sit in front of you having brought you back to life, I have no clue as to what I should write on. Really. No idea whatsoever. I just turned you on so that I can write something and complete my daily challenge. It is kinda becoming a chore for me only that I find it difficult to hunt for the words and themes and expression needed to write a full page. I don’t know how I will fare in the coming days.

I have tried to document my rig life in this series but it is too drab and boring. Monotonous working style and sessions and working for 14 days straight is not something I have ever wanted in my life. Nor do I wish to bore people to death by describing what my work is, what an elevator is, how and when it is used, their capacities and latching styles. All these are boring and sht. I am pretty sure you were left with no idea when I mentioned elevator. Maybe the idea of the lift that we use in buildings might have crossed your head but it is in no way similar to it although it performs somewhat the same job.

You being a machine patiently sit and listen to whatever I have to say. You are a darling, a darling to boys who without your presence would have been bored to death. You have been our trusted companion in our college days, flicking through all those episodes of Prison Break or Friends in a marathon sitting. You used to enchant us with new games and graphics and at some point threw us wide open into the world of the internet.

Countless hours have been spent solely on you my dear. In times needing inspiration, you were there to show us The Shawshank Redemption and Escape from Alcatraz. You flooded us with videos from YouTube, funny and hilarious ones. And you held all our music. From A.R. Rahman to Pink Floyd and Yanni, you showered us with all kinds of songs, though we have only tasted a short number among them.

I know you have become old dear. Five years is a huge time for the likes of you. Better, meaner and slimmer ones are available in the market at awesome prices but you will remain special to me. For me you were small with a 14” screen which made you a bit easier to carry around. And till date you haven’t created any ruckus around and I have been able to operate you smoothly. Credit also goes to the Windows 7 OS you have. It’s such a nice and clean one, the apt successor to the classic and elegant Windows XP.

Your battery life is the only that has been a shame. It has been at a constant thirty minutes the day I got you but because of that I have grown used to it and plan my sessions accordingly. And then the one occasion when the foldable table came off and you fell on to the floor, screen first and then it shattered to a million pieces. I was so heart struck and cursed my bad luck for giving me such a pain. It took me time to replace the screen as you were pretty much obsolete and was out of production. Hardly does a model stand to exist for a period of two years.

This is my ode to you my dear laptop. When today I was in loss of words, you were there to help me by describing you. You rescued me just like you always do, consistently. I hope you survive for a few more years. The Macbook Air is such a beauty and is tempting me so much. But don’t feel bad if I have to give up on you. You have served your purpose. And I salute you for that.

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