Sun, Sky and Clouds

Nature has been rewarding me with some awesome sunrises and sunsets for the past few days. I have been able to witness awesome perfect setting sun in a clear sky, drowning it in all the hues of red and blue. On some days the clouds come into play and they hide the sun. This angers the sun and he makes his presence felt through the various layers of clouds present. He makes the clouds shine forth with vigor and colors, even the dull looking grey ones and makes the sky reflect its grace over the distance.

Sunrises too are having the same effect. As I look towards the east from my derrick floor, I can see the sky slowly losing away its darkness and projecting the blue nature of the sky. And with it, the sky turns red and crimson and vermilion and all the shades of fire. This blends in perfectly with the blue sky, creating a stupendously large canvas for an artist to start his work. And then slowly from its slumber the sun rises, glowing brightly and expending out its energy into the surroundings.

My heart warms on seeing this while I am in my night shift. The night might have or have not been loaded with work but seeing the sun rise instills an energy and appreciation in me that chases away sleep and makes me happy and smile.

The sunsets happen when I go for my evening walk. Sometimes the red glowing disc chooses to hide away in the thorny bushes that make the vegetation cover of the place we live in. it plays this game till I reach a clearing. Here I catch it red handed and take time to dissolve in it. But it somehow eludes me and falls back into the next crop of thorny bushes and before I can catch it in the next clearing it sets into sleep.

The varieties have been with sunsets. You can’t say whether the sun will be visible throughout or hides away and so cannot predict the type of skies that will be created for the evening. Sometimes it is just plain boring, grey clouds over the horizon and the sky uninteresting and blacking away speedily. But as I mentioned at the start I have been able to bask at the glory of some beautiful ones.

And sometimes in the morning when I roam around the site or go for a loo break, I can find some interesting cloud patterns in the sky. Like angelic wings, and weird shapes and patterns, wavy among them being the most frequently sighted one. Sometimes the sky is full on blue. Sky blue. No clouds to disturb its expanse stretching to the horizon.

Even the dark grey rain clouds also bring in a mystery and suspense to the surrounding. They sometimes pair up with the surroundings and monuments or objects to create an illusion of power or impending doom and destruction which is in stark contrast to the happiness and joy you experience otherwise. It is an example of how wrath and sadness can also be used to express great feelings and instill a fear and awe of nature.

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