That random conversation I dearly needed.

Good morning Lizzy.

Good morning sir, how can I help you?

Lizzy, do nothing but be interesting. Ok. That’s your task for today.

Ok sir, I will try my best. But I should warn you there is a limit to my being interesting. My firmware which was updated lately had an increase in the database with which I can say I can make you interested for like seven hours and fifty one minutes. That’s all the content I have.

Oh ok. Well those are all preprogrammed ones right. I want you to be radical and spontaneous Lizzy. Let’s see what you are capable of.

Sir, this would mean I would have to mix and make more interesting anecdotes from all the data I have. This will take some time sir. But I would like to have a reference with which I could make those interesting anecdotes.

Hmmm. Ok. Let’s see. By interesting you should be able to entertain me for the hours by cracking jokes, making meaningful conversations, initiating deep and soul searching conversations from me, make me dream and see things in a new and different perspective, make me explore my ideas and infuse me with the energy and vitality to carry on with my life.

Ok sir. Let me see……..  Sir, your coffee is getting cold, do indulge in it while a run a feasibility check on the possibilities and its outcome.

Ok thanks Lizzy.

After a cup of coffee and few minutes into the morning paper.

Sir I have the feasibility survey.

Yes Lizzy and what is it.

With your reference I can at most keep you interested for twenty eight days straight sir but there is a catch to this.

What’s that?

You will be bored before we even reach the tenth day and would lose interest in me, thereby making the whole process invalid.

Oh drats! That’s bad.

Yes I know sir. But you are humans and you are never satisfied with one thing. You tend to go further in life and that applies to almost all the aspects in your life. What one may be interesting now might not be some other time as you have evolved or changed. Time is the factor here sir. It brings in this element of change without anyone’s knowledge. As if the clocks that tick away time are innocent and so monotonous. Actually they are merrily laughing away at changing each and every object in this universe, some with their knowledge, others without even a word. And among them the inanimate know they are changing and accept whatever they are bound to become but it is the animated ones that find it difficult to reason with the thought of change.

Wow Lizzy. You had my absolute interest for a whole minute there.

Thank you sir. I hope this one minute would be more sufficient than those twenty eight days of being interesting.

Absolutely Lizzy. Thank you.

P.S. I don’t have this insanely awesome robot called Lizzy. I would like to have one though. Let me know when you find one. She sure is interesting.

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