This is October the eighth. So for the past seven days I was able to write something and publish it as per the challenge that I have set. Somehow I had something to write on all these days, from that sick post to my tale of moving on. But today I am blank. I opened my laptop and I was staring blankly at the screen for a while, not knowing why I opened it. Simply staring into the Sandman wallpaper that has been hanging around for a while in it. Today I am at a loss of words, or more precisely thoughts.

I can come up with the words if I try but for that I need to have a thought to express on and this is what I am lacking today. It’s not good. But I guess it does happen from time to time.

What to write now. Hmmm….

Maybe I should try to recollect something from my past and share it with you. In that way I can pen down my memories and think about it, thus giving me the content to write about. But which memory should I open up. No matter what memory you pick, you will have to undergo the side effects of turning back old pages. It doesn’t matter whether it is a happy or sad memory, whatever it is, it will transport you back in time and that my dear friends is a dangerous situation.

Unlike time travel where you can travel back in time in thought and body, reliving old memories doesn’t allow your body to apparate. It takes you in a journey only to return you back to where you were, feeling nostalgic or emotional. I wish we could time travel you know. Maybe I would like to visit my old memories and relive them one more time. Or instead of wasting time in something that I have already experienced, I think I should travel really back in time and experience history.

So talking about time travel I have always had some doubts regarding the condition one will be bound to face when he travels back in time. For instance, if I was able to make a good amount of money which was like a fortune twenty years ago, how would I be able to transport it back in time and enjoy it? If I take it cash, won’t they all be printed after the year to which I am travelling? And wouldn’t they be useless there and maybe help me end up in a cell for forging money. That’s a real dilemma. So what if I take back the money in gold? No use there also because the price of gold has steadily increased and I don’t think I will be able to sell it off for a good fortune. Maybe I could make some good profit out of it. If so then what should I do with the money or fortune I amassed there? I mean I am a total stranger in a place that is nothing compared to what it is today with a lot of money. High chances are that I might get robbed if people came to know my predicament.

Now if only I could bring back that wealth from the earlier timeline and make it count here in my present scenario. I could make it a hearty business and then enjoy my life travelling back and forth in time, making money and seeing what all there is to see and doing all the good and forgotten stuff this world has to offer. The idea is to take something to the past that is highly priced and valued and bring back something that is invaluable at the present time. I can’t figure out anything solid yet and I am totally lost on the part of what to bring back. Need to think over it.

And before I know it this post is almost complete. See. Just out of nowhere I was able to talk to you about time travel and my take on it and the doubts I have. Time travel was the thought here and like I said earlier the words then just flowed through me. I know the thoughts presented above are spectacularly silly or maybe way ahead of times but I would like to say that I am a humble guy at heart who will not hold back to listen to the most absurdist of all things, only that it should be interesting and must grasp my attention. The attention part can easily be attained while boozing. The other is left upto you.

Back to thinking out the strategy to make my time travelling sound. Oh shit, there is one problem which I totally forgot in my excitement. I need to find a time machine. Can you help me with one?

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