Trapped in my memories.

Major missing scenes happening now. Major. Oh shit.

I have an Instagram account and I do post photos that I have clicked during my travelling times and random ones. And sometimes I feel I have run out of pictures to post or am not able to get that one good click that I can post for that day. And this was happening to me for the past two days. I was struggling to upload a good pic and today being a day off, I decided to sift through my old photos and see if there is anything worth uploading. Wrong decision.

So I browsed through my pictures folder in my lap and found all these sub folders waiting there for me to peek in. I had a feeling somewhere deep in me that this could go wring somewhere but I shrugged it off and opened all those bottles of memory with a double click. Flashback. Last year’s Leh trip was the first. Our visit to the Nubra valley, Pangong Tso lake and our shenanigans in Leh on landing were being brought back to memory by these pics. They were rosy and beautiful with the surreal landscapes of the desolate upper Himalayas taking you down through memory lane, wishing it would happen again, now.

Then I came to the folder in which I got a chance to click the early morning scenes of the fields of Kuttanad. My colleague and good friend Joseph took me with him to his fields one day when I stayed in his house to witness the plucking of coconuts and how it is done and transported through the fields. It is a full day task and I was relieved early in the morning itself as I had to get back to Allepey to my friends place. Here I saw paddy fields soaked in water, water deep enough for a small boat to row on and collect all those coconuts that were plucked and transport them to the mainland. The morning sun cast its color and vibrance through the numerous trees that were lined in the plot and played a game of light and shadows with us. I could find fresh fruits tempting you to climb their tree and pluck them and savour them, looking so gorgeous in the orange glow of the sun. I could hear the chirps of the birds and of the storks and cranes and the cooing of myna, resonating marvelously with the silence of dawn. And all these came back flooding to me. Like a shot to my head. Bang.

Too bad I am sitting in my bunk, staring at my laptop when all these things are happening. There is this rush of feelings in my head to take leave and run away for my work here and go back home and explore new places. But I resist the temptation. This is common with me. Happens almost on every duty time. Its part of me I guess. But I wish to do it once. Just throw away everything and run away. Far. Somewhere I don’t know. Somewhere beautiful. Somewhere I could be happy and find peace and satisfy my need for clicking pictures of our beautiful planet.

But I guess every cloud has a silver lining right. I get to work for 14 days in a stretch and then I get another 14 days to do whatever I like and this has presented me with ample opportunities to go out explore all those places that I have done till now. I should be thankful for the job I have in hand now. It’s good and treats me well. But to satisfy a human being is a herculean task. He will find some sort of a short coming in some form or the other in any good thing. Sometimes it is good and could prove to be the need of the hour but other times it just hinders you to look clearly and appreciate whatever you have got.

You can look at any point of time to the clouds above or to the earth below. And be happy and contended with what you have. Easier said than done. I need to get a good sleep now so that I could perform my night shift well and all those memories have stirred a cloud of emotions in my head. My dreams would be one among them I guess and I hope I will be able to enjoy it and have a good sleep.

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