Recovery and some memories

And the sickness continues. Yesterday I had written up a sick post. Today I think I will continue with it at least in the initial stages. I don’t know what happened but I felt really weak today morning when I went for duty. I slept of for an hour while in duty which I normally don’t do and from this I came to know that my body was tired and needed some rest. I shared my concern with my incharge and he asked me to take the day off and take rest. So generous of him. I came back and took rest, dozed off immediately and woke up in the afternoon only for lunch. My chest is congested and at times I got up to clear that.

I feel better know, way better than how I felt today morning. Slept off in the afternoon also after taking a light lunch and got up and ate an apple for I felt hungry and took a bath. Presently I could feel my body recovering and I think that a good sleep or rest is essential in times of weakness or tiredness. When your body gets a good sound rest, I guess it does its job of regaining back its strength and making you feel better.

So that is how I feel now. Better and on the road to recovery. I guess by this time tomorrow, I would feel okay and would be able to continue with my work. I just don’t like it when I am in duty and can’t make it to the site for performing it, no matter how small my contribution is. Anyways I have a whole day off tomorrow and will be doing the night shifts from tomorrow for the next seven days. The time of my daily posts will change, maybe I will post in the morning or in the evening whenever I can sit down and write.

I remember once in my final year in college, during my exams, I woke up one day with nice pain in my ears. I was finding it difficult to swallow my saliva too and the pain was ringing in my years. I was staying in the hostel at that time even though my mother was staying within half an hour’s journey from my hostel. She had allowed me to stay in hostel since it was my final year and intend to enjoy it. So I called her up and she asked me to come home as she would take me to the doctor. My next exam was three days away and I took my books and went home. She took me to an ENT doctor and he on examining said that it was just an infection of the ear and that it had swelled a bit. Might have contracted it due to the change in climate.

So he gave me some medicines and a mild painkiller to numb the pain. The next three days I was taking rest in my home merrily, mom was making good healthy food for me and she was tending to me. Only nuisance was that I had exams and had to study too. So occasionally I had to take up my book and study. The day I came back from seeing the doctor, I could hardly concentrate for an hour and found it very difficult to study. The thing eased the next day and I tried my best to study whatever I could.

The day of my exam, I was feeling ok and the pain in my ears was almost gone. So I thought I will stay back in my hostel after the exam but mom insisted that I come back home and stay for the next few days also so that she can take care of me. I had to agree to it. The thing was it was so boring at my home and if I was in my hostel, I could study with my friends and fool around and cut time and have fun and all which was not present in my home. Anyways I stayed back at home for a couple of days and decided to go back to hostel.

I remember how the doctor took a funnel like thing and was going to insert it in my ears for examination. I was scared. I am scared of doctors and their weird instruments and what not and I asked him what that was and what was he gonna do with it. He ensured that it was not painful and that it was just to see my inner ear better. He was true to his word. Then he had used a tuning fork on both my ears and checked how I responded to them. I can easily recollect all these experiences because it is rarely that I fall sick and go to visit a doctor. I don’t like falling sick but I guess it is not entirely in my hands. Sometimes it just happens. Sometimes it is better to fall sick, so that your body gets a nice rest and you can see how people treat you and care for you in your bad times.

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