In sick times you write about it.

I am feeling kinda sick today. I don’t know what but there is a discomfort in the whole body. My body is showing some slight signs and I think it is the sign for an impending fever. It’s good we have a doctor in our place of accommodation. I went to him and within a few minutes I was left to go with a small dose of antibiotics for three days. He said my throat has a minor swelling, maybe from the water we consume here or some grapes or orange allergy. I don’t have any allergies of any sort so far and I do eat fruits regularly. I hope I become alright within a few days. I am still in my duty and I just want it to go smoothly without any hiccup.

I hate it when my body becomes ill you know. It’s like I have been chained to a bedpost for a while and I have to succumb to it for the few days within which I will recover. It’s not good. I simply hate it. I have visited the doctor very times in my life and maybe it’s because of this the prospect of seeing a doctor just irritates me. It like I have lost a point from my plaque of not having visited the doctor.

I am grateful to whatever it is that is keeping me healthy and sound you know. While everyone contracts some kind of fever or illness, I tend to stay immune and tread the threat. Early in my childhood I have had problems of tonsils when we were in Shillong. It used to come occasionally and would last for a couple of days in which I would be gargling my ass out. And then I took some homoeopathic medicine and after that I haven’t had any signs of tonsils. We moved back to Kerala too and the climate is hot and humid here compared to the cool and pleasant Shillong.

There was this one time when my tonsils got real bad. I was having a troublesome night and couldn’t sleep a wink. And on that particular morning, I had taken some soft drinks and I guess it accentuated my incoming tonsils. The next morning I woke up and found my parents sitting next to me and asking me how I was feeling. I was feeling bad and weak and my throat was sore and I couldn’t say anything, no voice would come out.

Then my father took me to the nearest Nazareth hospital and was admitted there for the night. They thought it was some serious disease and had also started a course for it. The next day the doctor and examined me and said that it was just a case of tonsils. It had got a little out of hand but he said that taking rest and gargling and following the course of medicines would be just fine. And within a couple of days I was left to go home.

When I came back mom told me what had happened that day. While I was asleep my fever must have rose and this resulted me blabbering something out of the context in my sleep. I don’t remember doing anything of that sort. She said I was saying I had kept somewhere and was asking my parent to look for in a specific place.

Jesus that was scary right. I don’t sleep talk or do anything out of the weird and then suddenly when something like this happens all your parents concern are diverted towards you. I am happy that I have such amazing and caring parents. Everyone does and everyone should be happy and proud.

I think I will gargle with some hot water and salt then peacefully retire to my bed for the night. It’s been an uneasy day. I need some rest. A good sleep and some sweet dreams to lift my mood. Goodnight folks. Sleep tight. And have a healthy day.

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