Of love and stuff… Oh God!

The second day. Gandhi Jayanti. On a Sunday. A public holiday gone waste. Ha ha. I love it. These public holidays don’t matter to me cause I have a weird work pattern, not so weird for one who knows about the work nature in an oilfield. I work for 14 days in a stretch, seven days day shift and then the next seven days doing night shifts. Each shift is of twelve hours and is demanding. After these 14 days, I get home for another 14 days, take rest, chill, travel places, wander, get lost, laze away, whatever. So that’s how my work life is and that makes me immune to holidays. So there is a hint of sadistic happiness present when I figure out that a public holiday has been lost by the others. Buhahaha.

And by some unnatural forces, we were devoid of work today which is a rarity and I decided to use that to the full. So I called up a few of my best friends, had some long conversations with them. Great talk there. And then I watched a Malayalam movie in the afternoon after having some Mutton biriyani. The biriyani was slowly doing its trick in lulling me to sleep but I fought the initial resistance and started watching the movie, which grew interesting as it progressed and got me in the mood.

The movie was a new release called Anuraga Karikkin Vellam. A onetime watch movie, in which the newcomer actress Rajisha Vijayan did a great acting job. She was in control of her role and was acting quite naturally which was such a great pleasure to watch. As usual Biju Menon did a splendid job and so did the other characters too. The movie is a simple movie, a feel good movie that can be a casual watch. It sets the mood to think about love and the mysterious thing called women. Really. Ha ha.

So what do I have to say about women? Well… nothing in particular. Better to keep a shut mouth in matter like these. Be wise here people, be wise.

Anyways about love. The age old love, the mover of mountains and seas, the weaver of dreams and fantasies and ecstasies and passion, the mother of emotions and driving force of the universe. Love. Too big to understand yet so small to grasp. It has been expressed in ‘n’ number of ways in various films and videos and music and art and still we are yet to comprehend it to its fullest. For some it occurs in a fleeting second and before you blink your eyes, you are in love. For others, they wait till eternity to find one, sometimes go to their death beds waiting for that moment of love to strike and hold him captive. Everyone has a different opinion, cause everyone has had a different experience.

Putting it short, love is magic, magic that is beautiful and marvelous to watch yet difficult to comprehend. You want to know how it works, its functioning but are left in search for it. As the magician says, stop searching for the reason as to why and how it occurs, instead enjoy the show, be mesmerised and take back the joy and happiness you have experienced, something specific to you and something only you can relate it.

It’s just my second post and already I am talking about deep stuff. Oh god. What else will pour into my laptop, I have no idea. Topics like these are meant to be talked you know, get a beer or a delicious hot cup of coffee and sit together with likeminded and have a free discussion. We have evolved so much that in my opinion, we should spend some time thinking about greater stuff. Thinking and debating about stuff that’s important and moves the world. Like love, space, travel, philosophy, history, time and people. And then when you think you have reached a good conclusion to the debate, not a full stop, but a question mark or an exclamation, you change the challenge and watch some football and cheer about your favourite team. Go Gunners.

Guess you didn’t see that coming. Me too. It just flowed out like that. And it should stick here too. Yes.

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