The beginning

Day one.  Tadaa…..

And with a tad surge of enthusiasm I take on my challenge. The October writing challenge. Created to challenge me and get me back on track with my writing. Yes. My writing. I have been lazy as hell and that has made my blog stationary and sedentary.

So what jolts my mind now? What will I be writing today? Anyways as of now my mind in blank. Utter blank. I was thinking of something but I can’t find the words I had figured just a few minutes back. What the hell. This is not good. Shit. I am having problems writing down my first post it seems. Oh dear lord.

A few rounds of deep breathing and some soul searching, I think I will write about what the pale blue dot means to me. The pale blue dot. That’s the earth. It’s a photo of our tiny planet taken by Voyager 1 which was at a distance of6.5 billion kilometers from the earth. That’s far. Way too far. So what is the picture like? Well you see the earth, like a tiny pixel, suspended in the sunbeam. A pixel. A dot. That’s it. So tiny. But the magic is in what Carl Sagan has to say about this picture. It’s a brilliant and deep thought that he has shared with us.

Come to think of it, the situation which our country is passing through would call for every one of us and our neighbours to go through this amazing piece of brilliance and give it a thought. That we belong to a tiny planet, a planet that is one among the gazillion celestial bodies existing in our universe. And we are a tiny fraction of this tiny planet. That’s being tinier than tiny.

We are insignificant in the great cosmic canvas. Illegible. And yet we fight among ourselves for what. To be the momentary masters of a fraction of this planet. Insane logic when you think about the big picture and see your worth in it.

Sagan’s words echo within me every time I look into the dark night sky. The billion stars shining up above make me feel so happy and blessed. And what are they but stars and planets like ours, orbiting somewhere in the deep dark sky. Maybe that’s why I have always felt an attachment towards the sky and space. I remember vividly asking my dad to buy me a book on space by scholastic. It was being sold as part of their school program and was costing hundred rupees, way back in 1997. Boy I really wanted it and even though initially my request was turned down, my dad bought it for me and I was so happy. I poured over the pages and the images whenever I could and cherished the book to my heart.

And then I grew up and after that those little dreams and fascinations were kicked off to a corner of my mind cause that was not the need of the hour. I don’t know how I came to the conclusion of what was the need of the hour and now when I look back, these things, these small small interests and hobbies should never be left to die. They are precious and if you can hold onto them strongly and grow and develop them, I am sure they will show you ways to live your life embracing them.

Wow. Suddenly this post is picking up the tempo. That’s what I like about writing freely, writing about what comes in your mind. I was able to revisit my childhood and think about a book that was so dear and near to me. It had a black cover and was printed in landscape mode. Along with that my dad also bought me a book on dinosaurs which was my other craze growing up but that didn’t leave the impact as this did.

Once again I must say I am so happy that Carl Sagan wrote the pale blue dot. It has moved me. I hope it moves you too.

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