That Juiciest cutest Mango.


Naadan Maav. Or the local variety of the king of fruits. This variety is popular in Kerala and you can almost find one in the backyard.
The mango is small but extremely juicy and tasty and has the right balance of sweetness and tanginess. This one blooms once in two years and when it does, its a feast for us.
Unlike other mango trees, this has a single trunk growing tall and then branching off from there. So the only way to get your hands on these little devils is to get up early in the morning on a windy day and wait for them to fall down.
My childhood at my Grandmas place is a place I used to indulge in this madness. The tree was huge and to out luck there was a blanket of cocoa tree beneath it which helped cushion the fall of the mangoes as they fell with the morning wind.
In a sleepy state, my cousin used to lead the way and we would scourge our way through the cocoa trees at 6 in the morning. After half an hour, we would return hone victorious with our basket full of this sumptuous mangoes. And making the morning chores quick, we dedicate ourselves to enjoying this awesomeness. Yummmmm
Breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner are all mangoes. Cut their base, squeeze of their sap and suckle onto them. By the end of the day we have lost count and our stomachs ache. We take a break for a couple of days before setting off on another mango adventure.
Sadly the tree grew ill and had to be cut down. We were really sad and watched with tears when the mighty tree was brought down piece by piece. Whenever I go through the backyard of my Grandmas home, I fondly look at the spot where the tree had once stood and these yummy memories flood into me.
The tree pictured here is a recent one in another of our plots. I wish I was young enough to enjoy the mangoes of this tree the way I once did.

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