Look around and Speak up.


I was busy running some errands yesterday and was out of town for the whole day, thereby missing the action in the film festival. And today was the final day of the final festival. For me it turned out to be a pretty good festival with some very quality movies in display. The audience too who attended had a sense of appreciation towards the performing arts and their role in contributing to the society.

I went for the two o’clock show which was airing the Malayalam movie Ain, which means The Eye, directed by Sidhartha Siva. It was a good movie, a movie revolving around the Muslim community of the Malabar area in Kerala. The protagonist is a lad named Maanu, who finds it very difficult to identify himself in the society he belongs. He is scared of the dark, of dogs and sees everything with a dubious eye, can’t stick to a job for long and has become a burden for his family. His father has passed away and he is escaping from the weight of responsibilities his father has left him.

His life takes a sudden turn one night when he witnesses a crime. The story becomes  more interesting at this point and the audience can feel the plot finally taking its course. The director has done a good job in incorporating repetition and myriad imagery in the scenes showing his dreams. After two hours when the movie ends, you are left with quite a lot of things to ponder upon. The question I had most in my mind is that they could have added more to the ending, I mean more to the main plotline. But maybe that was the apt ending. It’s just my opinion.

The actor who played Maanu has played a great role, his acting was top notch and we could feel for him at times. So were the whole cast who had lent a great hand to the story and to support the lead character. The movie is filled with great music and the background score is resonant with the tone of the Sufi music, with great vocals and Arabic songs to render a great feel to the movie.

And this became the last movie that I got to see in this film festival. I wanted to go for one more but couldn’t. So yes here ends my great experience in the second International Regional Film Festival of Kottayam. It’s great to skip aside from the glam and color of the mainstream cinema and indulge ourselves in some great artistic and social movies, movies with a purpose, movies that move you and movies that focus on the art of storytelling.

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