The emotions of Art


It’s Sunday and I am feeling sooper lazy. Well most of my OFF days are spent being lazy but being a Sunday, it becomes even lazier. It’s the 3rd day of the Film Festival and I hadn’t decided to go for which movies. Finally I narrow it down to the matinee show and if the mood follows, maybe I would go for another one. A change in the schedule saw the movie The Violin Player being shown today which was to be aired tomorrow.

The movie is a short movie with a length of nearly 75 minutes. But oh boy I must tell you, those 75 minutes that the director, Bauddhayan Mukherji has dedicated for his creation has turned out to be absolutely brilliant. The movie is the story that unfolds in a day in the life of a Bollywood session violinist. He is an aspiring violinist who has come to the movie capital of India to make a name for him.

I find silence an integral part of art movies and I really appreciate it when it is timely incorporated into a film. As I said earlier I really love the sound of silence. Although there are small fragments of silence, this movie is all about the soothing sound of a violin. As earlier I won’t unfurl the story. Cause the movie was a shock to me too. Yes it was. There was an unexpected twist to it too, which I guess no one saw coming and left in wondering why the director ended it that way. But his decision is later on justified with a quote by Pablo Picasso around which the movie actually revolves.

And when you leave the theatre, the quote lingers in your mind and you find yourself setting up a table lined with plenty of coffee mugs and a steaming pot of coffee to satiate the alter egos that will be joining in to debate on the topic. I would recommend this film to all and it is a great watch. With the short length of the movie, it will surely fit into the hectic schedule of the masses now and will surely leave a smile on them.

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