I too had a Papa.


The last show of the second day of the Regional Film Festival took us to the streets if Brazil. Absence by Chico Teixeira. The crowd was dim and dusted and I found a better seat to sit. Clocking in at nearly 90 minutes this is a great movie showing the emotions a boy undergoes when his father deserts him and his mother and his younger sibling.

The boy is traumatized by this and added to this, he has to go to work now and earn a living for his family. His mother does some odd jobs here and there but her depression is slowly starting to get the better of her. And a boy of his age has dreams and ambitions. And the movie revolves around his mental state, a dark and depressing state for a teen.

The central theme of the movie is all about relationships and the kind of love we get through them and the course life takes when one is suddenly deprived of them. In Serginho, the protagonist we see a classy portrayal of a teenage boy. He is smart, confident and cares about his family that is slowly falling into pieces and he tries his hand in bringing back the order and stability they once had.

The movie has a pace of its own, slow at times and picking up pace at times. Although we do expect to see the beauty of Brazil, its beaches and the culture and the flair and the festivals, the director instead shows the beauty of the streets of Brazil and keeps it authentic to the theme of the movie. I was especially joyed at seeing the lush green vegetables being sold by Serginho in his uncle’s veggie shop in the market. I loved the extra dose of green in the grey concrete suburban surroundings.

I enjoyed the movie pretty much and it is a good watch. And I would say it was a good movie to end the day with.

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