#30 Cheers!!

The chilled Kingfisher beer stands tall in my dining table. I really wanted a Budweiser to accompany me, but had to settle for this. But it is not so bad. This beer has been a part of my college life and just because I moved in life doesn’t mean I can’t forget the memories we have shared together with friends. If it wasn’t for this beer, we would not have experienced the call for a chilled KF to Davidettan by Jayakrishnan, which has now been etched in our memories.

The clock says quarter to eleven. There is time. Time to visit those memories this year had to present me. The TV is blaring with vivid telecasts of the various celebrations happening in the rest of the state. Its New Years Eve people. And a fresh set of 365 days is going to be presented to us to live through. Oh sorry, 366 days. It’s a leap year. That’s another 24 hours to cut through.

So this year has been quite eventful. Having experienced the highs and lows and to have lived in a dreamy state for days, I am quite awake now. Energized. Ready to look forward to the New Year. With eager eyes and a joyful heart. And as I come forward from my delusional state in which I was, I have come to know what I am and what I should always be.

I have to come to this feeling that I am like the wind. I roam anywhere and everywhere. I come when you least expect me to and sometimes I am kind enough to give you a heads up. But I know for sure that the moment you feel you, you will be excited and refreshed. Cause I seldom come empty handed. I bring joy and freedom and laughter with me. I can be mad and cruel and wicked and hard and cold, but I am also soft and warm and gentle too. I bring all the emotion to play. Because I can.

I AM the wind, dear. Experience me. Fly with me. To the snow clad mountains and the green fields and the rosy gardens and the turbulent seas. Let me show you the world. Climb aboard this crazy train and lets visit the poles and the moon and the stars beyond your hands reach.

My glass is empty. Gosh that went down fast. And as the clock ticks down to the end of the year, I close my eyes and dream the dreams I had. And as I open my eyes a New Year has begun. So I pick up the next bottle of Kingfisher and open it and raise a toast to the company of the Gods and dreams and friends and kith and kin. Cheers to the New Year. Clink!



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