#27 The Rider in me.

The straight long road lays ahead, its contour smooth and wide. At 70 kmph your wrist is glued to the accelerator and your ride chugs on a melodious tune, a constant tune, humming away into the howling winds gushing at your face.

The wind is cold and sharp. You put on your scarf around your face and an aviator around your eyes. And as you ride with these you see the world in a tone of greyish hue, the sun being more bearable and comforting to your eyes.
Buses and cars and bikes rush away from you, heading to the city for their daily routine and their daily lives. Their faces are long and slumpy and the weekday blues can be seen on their faces.

My Royal Enfield thumps away into this long road. The seats are comfortable and the ride is smooth and silky. At such speeds you barely feel any shake or fatigue in this smooth road.

The road is inviting. It is the ultimate escape. You put away your depression and dejection as you jump on to your bike and as you kick start your bike and hear the engine roar to life, a smile appears in your face. A life giving smile, you have just breathed life into your machine, a moment when you are the life giving force to an object. You feel like God now, and as you rev the engine and feel the pulse of the bike you let it roll.


Within a few minutes you are cruising through the road, the wind in your hair, the trees running away from your sheer speed. The mountains salute you and your ride and challenge you to conquer it. You accept the challenge with a nod and you prepare yourself for the test.
We need to be engaged and challenged to feel the adrenaline rush. Your woes and sorrows feel small and negligible when your blood rushes with the spirit of riding.

I have left mine behind the moment I started my ride. It’s a long ride, away from all sensible things, away to the clouds and snow that lay inviting and away from all demoralizing gadgets and virtual life, onto pure and blissful concrete experiences with nature.

Valleys and mountains and rivers and streams and trees and shrubs and flowers and flies and clouds and rain and sand and stones and seeds and fruits and gompas and stupas and churches and temples and kids and elders and mothers and fathers and drivers and riders and cars and bikes and trucks and buses and highs and lows and humps and gutters and turns and hairpins and ridges and cliffs are waiting for me just ahead.

And I wash away my dreams and nightmares to embrace all these. I intend to escape and live my life. It’s just me and my bike. Man and machine humming to the same tune of life.

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