#25 Deja Vu

You know what. All these kinds of days have been created to boost some of the industries that make a business out of the sentiments humans have towards particular emotions.

Huh. Really. I never thought so.

Yeah. It’s all clear now.


Ok. First they might come up have had a decline in their sales or they might have hit a standstill. What followed was rigorous research and thoughts as to improve this condition. Finally a genius might have thought about this and ensured he worked out enough days in a year to exploit them.

Hmmm. Ok.

Yeah. Once you think about it, it all becomes so clear.


And well we are still a part of it or better said; enslaved to it.

Bingo. So what happened for you to sit and drink and have a though on this.

Oh nothing.

Oh come on. There is something you want to speak about. Blurt it out now will you. I don’t have much time. There are others who need my care and attention.

Ok. So it’s just this. There is this first Sunday of August, the first Sunday which I have found to be a heartbreaker for people with crushes.


Yeah. Crushes. Crush on some girls!

Oh ok.

Yes. So it’s on this Sunday that your crush comes to you and says:

Hey. Happy Friendship day. I love you guys so much. Cheers to us. “And a barrage of smileys”.

Ahhh. So you too have become a victim of this day.

Yes. I have.

And what’s your take on this.

Well I was shocked to hear this. We are good friends but I have a deep crush on her, one of my first crushes you know. The first ones are the special ones I guess. Now there is no wrong in her wishing me but it blatantly shows my cowardice in not able to express my feelings towards her. In that way it reveals my weakness and like a true coward I put the blame on her for this. What is the need for this day?  Now I have to wish her the same. In a contextual meaning that would be like implying that we are friends and will be friends and have been friends for this long. It hides my intent.


And the love you guys part. Oh my god. A cheesy dialogue. Who doesn’t love their friends now? Come on, we aren’t that sissy or kids to love each other in words.

That’s your opinion and only yours. Others might have a different take on it. Have can you just summarize on the opinions you have about others as well.

Oh shut up.

Really kid, I have seen plenty before you and before even things opened their eyes and among them what I found was you can’t count them as a single lot. Ever. Everyone differs, even in their minutest of features and thoughts and actions. And everyone has their own conscience.


So its better you think before you speak kid.

And I thought I would have your support in this matter. You are a jerk you know. Really.

That’s enough encouragement from your side.


Accept the fact that you are a coward and realize it and try to rectify it. you don’t wanna be remembered for the things you didn’t do did you, which none of the others will ever know, because it will be silently residing within you, consuming you day by day, adding to your grief and misery and basking in the shadows of your memories.

Oh wow. Great.

Act when you can and how you can. And accept what you have with grace. Sometimes some things aren’t just meant for us you know.


Yeah. And off I go now. Silly kid. And I thought this would be fruitful.

He got up, picked his robe from the hanger, draped himself in it and mounted his bowlers’ hat. And off he went through the main door, his drink unfinished and the night still young. The door closed with a bang.

And I hear the sounds of my brother getting dressed frantically to go out with his friends. He is ransacking his wardrobe in search of a tee. What’s the difference? It’s a Sunday. Can’t he be quieter and nicer? I toss about in my bed, trying to get my sleep back. A sudden tring-ring of my mobile brings in its bluish light to my eyes. I pick it up and have figured it out that the ring was that of a message. With heavy eyes I open the message and by the time I finished it my eyes were wide open.

Hey you. Happie Friendship day. I luv you guys sooo much. Cheers to us. J 😛 .

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